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WHALESBURG Best Mining With auto-switching algorithm for long-term benefits

    Bitcoin prices from time to time are increasing. This can be seen from the history of prices from 2013 to 2017 today, Bitcoin prices have grown over the years, and miners who have been involved in crypto transporting mining since 2010 and storing it for a long time or including the first using ASIC has high profits to this day. Bitcoin prices have increased several fold. And reportedly the price of Bitcoin in the coming year will increase because the Bitcoin stock is maintained to avoid inflation. As we know and in the mining altcoin field with increasing price increases on the market

Now that the latest mining technology is very easily safe and promising you profits, Whalesburg might be the best solution for investing if you want to do long-term mining Whalesburg.
maybe you want to know more about the Whalesburg project I will explain more about Whalesburg


What is Whalesburg..?

With the innovation of auto-switching algorithms to get the benefits that can be made by investing in Whalesburg by using a system that is safe for long-term investment


We have created an effective platform that uses advanced algorithms to select the most profitable coins for mining. The efficient payouts, stable performance, and intuitive interface make mining experience more enjoyable.

1. Profitability of the Whalesburg mining pool is higher than others

2. Easy to connect! Amazing support every step of the way

3. No hidden fees and commissio

4. Stable payouts with our PPS+ distribution mod 

The most profitable mining

With auto-switching algorithm


  1. Token price ; 0.00287 ETH
  2. Hard cap ;10313 ETH
  3. Overall issue SWBT ; 10.000.000
  4. Public offering SWBT ;2.643.000

Pre-Sale & Token-Sale periodOne

Month Howey test overall risk score: 0 Check Howey test:


Escrow secured by smart contract with 3 of 4 multisig required and 2 of 4 signatures held by lawyers.
Smart contracts

1) Token sale

a) Hard-cap: token sale ends if 3800 ETH is raised;this includes funds raised during pre-sale
b) WBT price 0.0000718 ETH;
c) Unsold tokens will be destroyed

Security Whalesburg Token Your dream to own a mining pool


Bounty info 

Bounty Allocation: 1,500,000 WBT ⛏

  • Signature Campaign: 600,000WBT
  • Blog, Media, and Youtube Campaign: 600,000 WBT
  • Telegram Channel Campaign: 300,000 WBT

Info team

More photos from TerraMining Conference on December 6th!

More info 

Website ;
Bounty ;
Facebook ;
Twitter ;
Telegram ;
user Bitcointalk ; amiraja2

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