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The main coin is the first digital money that can be used anywhere in the world

Along with the development of blockhain technology from time to time more rapidly and globally. Many projects use Blockhain Technology to support their projects in the future. This time there is a new project with an extraordinary idea that wants to connect the world with Cryptocurrency. by using a new innovation from MAINCOIN that is very easy for you.
Maybe you are already curious about this MAINCOIN project, let's discuss more about this project

What is MAINOIN.?

Maincoin is the digital cash available to you anywhere in the world
Use MainCoin for instant and private payments on the Internet and in the real world using secure open source software that runs on Ethereum, supported by hundreds of thousands of users around the world.

The Privacy Support

Taking into account that the society is on the verge of a full transition to e-currency, confidentiality becomes very important aspect both for private individuals and for companies. With MainCoin, you can enjoy the benefits of the blockchain open to the public and at the same time not to worry about safety of personal information.


In order for each cryptocurrency unit to remain interchangeable, it should not contain any past usage history. In the MainCoin system, this is achieved by breaking the connection of the hidden coins with their previous blockchain history 

MNC is a unique token that can be used in any part of the vast Avtomain Holding ecosystem.
MNC will help you:
- invest in a real high-profit business
- try your hand at the financial simulator
- donate for charitable purposes
- trade on the Avtomain Exchange and pay the transaction costs
- pay for rides with Avtomain Taxi
- sell MNC through the Avtomain Holding EPS
The extensive ecosystem of Avtomain Holding will secure the best liquidity for the MNC token, and the features of the blockchain technology will add an incredible level of transparency and clarity to the liquidity for investors and partners of the Avtomain Holding. 

The advantages of MAINCOIN 


Our technologies, that have permitted MainCoin to be created, provide the highest level of confidentiality


The decentralized MainCoin transactions are very fast and take a few seconds.


MainCoin storage does not imply the deposit with third parties, therefore you are the sole owner of the coin.


Maincoin is incredibly easy-to-use, it has its own multifunctional wallet.

Bounty Info

Bounty campaign budget (50 000 000 Main Coin)  is divided into categories::
  1. Signature: 30%   (up to 15000000  MNC )
  2. Articles and Video  campaign: 30% (up to 15000000 MNC)
  3. Facebook: 15% (up to 7 500 000  MNC)
  4. Twitter: 15% (up to 7 500 000 MNC)
  5. Steem: 5% (up to 2 500 000 MNC)
  6. Reddit: 5% (up to 2 500 000 MNC)

About the coin:

Coin standard — ERC20
Trademark — Maincoin
Reduction — MNC
Smart contract — 0x9f0f1be08591ab7d990faf910b38ed5d60e4d5bf
Emission — 500 000 000 of coins
250 000 000 Coins are sold in 4 stages
Not sold coins during the ICO period are burned
250 000 000 Coins remain in Avtomain Holding exclusively not for sale, but for the development of Avtomain Holding's business, in particular, these coins are the authorized capital of the Holding, and are mined by partners in the form of receiving dividend interest "cash back"


On these resources, you can buy or sell MNC for cryptocurrency, electronic currencies and fiat pairs after the end of ICO.


Name Description
Company name MainCoin
Token Name MainCoin
Token Type Token implements ERC20 and Burnable interfaces
Underlying Blockchain Ethereum network
Token Symbol MNC
Github coins
MNC Explorer
Smart-contract 0x9f0f1be08591ab7d990faf910b38ed5d60e4d5bf
Bitcointalk Bounty
TOTAL SUPPLY OF ETM 500,000,000 MNC are issued initially and limited forever.


 Info Team

More info 

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