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InnovaMinex is new innovation for investment in developing gold with blockchain technology

Bitcoin prices from time to time are increasing. This can be seen from the history of prices from 2013 to 2017 today, Bitcoin prices have grown over the years, and miners who have been involved in crypto transporting mining since 2010 and storing it for a long time or including the first to use ASIC, has high profits to this day. Bitcoin prices have increased several fold. And reportedly the price of Bitcoin in the coming year will increase because the Bitcoin stock is maintained to avoid inflation. As we know it moves in the mining field altcoin with price increases

What is InnovaMinex ?

It is an innovative business model that uses blockchain technology to guarantee the traceability of precious metals. By applying a set of procedures, it is possible to certify the whole process, from its origin in the mines, to the refinery and the commercialization to the end consumer. This commercialization is done through our e-commerce, partner stores and our own ATMs.
This will allow buyers to verify the origin of the metal they have acquired, insuring that the extraction is legal, that the environment has been protected at all times, or that it cannot be used for money laundering, since all transactions are registered and the whole community has access to them.
Our ultimate goal is making gold and other precious metals more accessible to all the people through our cryptocurrency, INX, obtaining the best possible price both for our clients and for our community, with emphasis being placed on the transparency and safety of our transactions.

Our Projects

Mining Project

7 mines rich in gold, silver and zinc – among other precious minerals – with a project already underway. Ecological mining of underground veins. For the first 5 years, the estimated gross margin of sales (of the mines to be exploited) is US$ 2 billion.

So far we have 7 mining projects known internally as GUAYAQUIL, VIZCAYA, BOLÍVAR 2, ANTIOQUIA 3, MINEX 7, MINEX 12 and TOLIMA, which will begin to operate gradually. The GUAYAQUIL processing plant is already in the construction and assembly stage, and gold ore is being collected for further washing and processing. The start of operations will take place in the first months of 2019. The TOLIMA project will be the last one to begin, starting in 2022 with the processing of minerals.
All these projects are of underground vein mining kind, i.e., they will extract minerals deposited in fissures, cracks or crevices of a rocky body. These minerals are of a different nature to the rocks where they are embedded. Hence, the mineral of commercial interest is thus extracted directly, causing a minimum impact on the surface where the mine is located.

Sustainable Gold

We are a corporation that is committed with the environment and with growth. That is why, we work with this premise as a standard, with the goal of making our exploitations more sustainable and trying not to generate contaminating leftovers nor poverty in the community where the exploitation is located.
Because we believe in a sustainable mining activity with a minimum impact, we bet on green mining, by using green and sustainable techniques that do not cause environmental harm and avoid traditional mining processes at all times, protecting this way the natural action environment and the security and health of our workers, as well as that of the people nearby.

Refining Process

Plant with a refining capacity of 200 kg of gold per day in a free zone and security 24x7. Refining of gold from our own mines and from third parties’. Innovative designs coined in gold and silver with cryptocurrency casting moulds.

E-commerce Innovation

Gold and silver coins and ingots of the main cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies as a means of payment and discounts when paying with INX. Purchase and sale of precious metals. Integration of our products in large marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, etc.).


Sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies (INX, BTC, ETH, etc.). Safe and intuitive interface for users. Purchase of gold and precious metals through our e-commerce in our ATMs.

Active Phase 24% OFF
Softcap: 10 M | Hardcap: 52.5 M

Token info

StartingDECEMBER 10th, 2018
Ending DECEMBER 23rd, 2018
Bonus 24% Discount
Soft Cap $ 10.000.000
Hard Cap $ 52.500.000
Minimum personal purchase 1 INX
Maximum personal purchase No limit
Accepted Cryptocurrency BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DASH, ETC, USDT, XRP

INX: Our Cryptocurrency

InnovaMinex has created INX, a 100% decentralized currency with a technologically thriving concept and an experienced team that actively contributes to its development. We have produced 300 million INX.

Info Team

More info 

Website ; https://innovaminex.com/en/inx#
ANN ; https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5040040.0
Twitter ; https://twitter.com/innovaminex
Medium ; https://medium.com/innovaminex-com
Instagram ; https://www.instagram.com/innovaminex/

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