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EUREKA's latest project to revolutionize the scientific publishing and review process

Blokchain technology has grown rapidly and has been widely used in various developed countries. Many projects have combined their projects with Blokchain technology using a smart contract system. The blockchain technology-based project usually holds ICO and Crowdfunding to develop their projects that attract the attention of investors.

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We must know whether the project history of the project will be good for your long-term investment https://eurekatoken.io/
The following is a review of the EUREK project


At present, scientific and medical research is typically submitted to be peer reviewed and  then published in academic journals. According to the International Association of Scholarly Publishing’s market report from 2015, the total market is estimated to be worth over $25 billion USD a year, and of that over $10 billion USD is in the English language. The publishing industry employs a highly exploitative practice, in particular some of the largest publishers, with profit margins around 40% after tax. The research publishing industry is dominated by a small number of publishers that charge high fees to authors to publish. The current system is exploiting publicly funded research by setting up paywalls to access knowledge that has been reviewed for free by researchers and frequently paid for with public funds. The vast majority of research still remains inaccessible to most people on the planet (Piwowar et al. 2018). This has deep and negative consequences for the progress of research, and its wider use  in  society  to  help  resolve  major  issues  which  affect  the  world’s  economies,  the environment, and health (Bartling and Fecher 2016)

EUREKA brings the Blockchain

EUREKA Blockchain Solutions GmbH (incorporation and registration in process), will become a provider of technology to publishers both indirectly and directly, and will develop all the blockchain based technology to enable a more efficient and trustworthy publishing process by introducing the EUREKA Platform for times tamping discoveries, rewarding reviewers and decentralising publishing.  Furthermore,  the  EUREKA  token  powers  the REWARD  system, which  supports  to  solve  fundamental  issues  inherent to the  current  scientific  research systems. This allows publishing houses,such as ScienceMatters,to be a single observation publishing house while running their operations over the techno logy platform provided by EUREKA  Blockchain  Solutions  GmbH. Publishing  houses will  paylicense  fees  to  EUREKA Blockchain Solutions GmbH for the use and integration of the EUREKA Platform. https://eurekatoken.io/

Problems and Solutions Academia is facing well-documented serious challenges from current models for scholarly

publishing including:

  • a) Long delays in publishing research
  • b) Overreliance of trust in researchers, peer reviewers and
  • publishers that creates irreproducibility and unreliability in science
  • c) Absence of fair credit for contribution

EUREKA Blockchain Solutions GmbH Products
REWARD System Powered by EUREKA Tokens
1.    Revelation
2.    Evaluation
3.    Worth assignment
4.    Award
5.    Replication
6.    Data analytics

Info Token 

  • Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH
  • Token symbol: EKA
  • For sale: 149,303,520 EKA
  • KYC is mandatory
  • Certain jurisdictions (e.g. US) are excluded

Token sale 

  • total supply; 298,607,040
  • hard cap; $14,930,352*soft cap; $2,000,000 
  • available for sale; 50% token


Info Team

  • Prof. Dr. Lawrence Rajendran ;Founder and CEO
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Bocek. Chief Technology Officer
  • Mr. Lucas Pelloni. Deputy CTO
  • Ms. Isabelle Siegrist.Business Development
  • Mr. Andrew James Cook. VP Strategy and Operations
  • Prof. Dr. Jan Lötvall Editor-in-Chief
  • Dr. Tamara Zaytouni. Editorial Director
  • Mr. Severin Wullschleger.Smart Contract Engineer
  • Mr. Tejansh Chandole.Community Manager
  • Mr. Werner van Rooyen Public Relations Officer
  • Mr. Andreas Schaufelbühl. Software Engineer
  • Vasileios Koukoutsas.Backend Engineer
  • Simon Müller.Backend Engineer
  • Claude Müller.Backend Engineer


  • Prof. Tom Südhof.Nobel Prize Winner
  • Mr. Daniel Gasteiger.CEO Procivis AG
  • PD Dr. Sönke Bartling.Founder of Blockchain For Science
  • Dr. Guilherme Sperb Machado.ICO Advisor
  • Mr. Johannes Gees .Founder wemakeit.com
  • Mr. Ozan Polat.Co-Founder Dezentrum 
  • Mr. Matthias Weissl.CEO Verum Capital AG

More Info 

User Bitcointalk ; amiraja2
Referral link ; https://www.eurekatoken.io?bp_ref=69ae7a0a2a111fdca26b4195eb472746f1ed8c37

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