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EUREKA new innovations scientific review and assessment platform

Along with the development of technology blocks from time to time more rapidly and globally. Many projects use Blockhain Technology to support their projects in the future. This time there is a new project with an extraordinary idea that wants to connect the world with Cryptocurrency. The name of this project is EUREKA. by using extremely powerful technology now the EUREKA project provides convenience and the best solution for you to progress in the field of science by using blockchain technology to open up science and make research findings,
Maybe you want to know more about this project, I will explain more clearly and clearly below

What is EUREKA ..?

EUREKA is a scientific review and rating platform fuelled by the EUREKA token from EKA Blockchain Solutions GmbH. Blockchain has the capacity to open science and make research findings immutable, transparent and decentralised. EUREKA revolutionises the scientific publishing and reviewing process by making it more efficient and fair using the EUREKA token to compensate all parties involved. Scientific discoveries can now be openly rated and rewarded based on the quality of the research.

EUREKA background 


ScienceMatters is a scientific online publishing platform. The team behind ScienceMatters is also behind the EUREKA platform. After launching in 2016, ScienceMatters has operated multiple journals and covers all aspects of science publishing. In the same year the company was endorsed by the European Commission. It has 24 scientific advisory board members chaired by the Nobel laureate Prof. Tom Südhof and around 600 editorial board members from some of the best institutes around the world, such as Harvard University, Stanford University, ETH and the Max-Planck Institute.

The REWARD system

Timestamping of scientific data

Scientific observations are timestamped, hashed and recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. This gives the author or inventor immediate ownership rights, and ensures scientists’ and researchers’ discoveries are tamper-proof.

Peer-to-peer evaluation

Scientific observations undergo crowdsourced, peer-to-peer reviews which are transmitted and recorded on the EUREKA platform. The EUREKA platform will make use of crowdsourced wisdom and reviewers to get fast, accurate evaluations of the work, instead of being restricted to one or two reviewers, as is common practice.


The EUREKA platform’s crowdsourced scoring of scientific work will provide researchers as well as publishers with a new metric that can be used to evaluate submissions more swiftly. Preprints or observations with ratings and reviews will be archived through the EUREKA decentralised and distributed system. In cases where the author wants to publish in a traditional journal, the scores can be transferred to the journals. The test scores are also available to funders, universities and prize or awards committees.

Funding research, career, awards and prizes

EUREKA will have the first blockchain-based scientific rating system, preprint server and single observation platform that provides reliable, immutable scores and data that can be transferred on the blockchain to funders, institutions and directly to journals. Sources of funding could make decisions based on ratings and reviews on the EUREKA platform.

Incentivisation of replication research

EUREKA tokens are allocated to pay for replication studies to either confirm or contradict existing studies. Researchers confirm the study, and both the original author and the replicating author are automatically compensated with EUREKA tokens. This ensures the reproducibility of findings, and minimises wasteful time and financial spending.

AI-based prediction e.g. drug discovery

An artificial intelligence-based prediction tool will make use of ScienceMatters’ algorithm which identifies related studies and observations by cross referencing annotations and links them to form a narrative. This technology could be leveraged to predict targets for drug development.

Info Token 

  • Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH
  • Token symbol: EKA
  • For sale: 149,303,520 EKA
  • KYC is mandatory
  • Certain jurisdictions (e.g. US) are excluded

Token sale 

  • total supply; 298,607,040
  • hard cap; $14,930,352*soft cap; $2,000,000 
  • available for sale; 50% token

Token allocation

 Use of funds


The Bounty campaign will start on 21 November 2018, and will run for 90 days.
The distribution of all the award will take place maximum 4 weeks after the public token sale has ended to campaign participants.Multiple accounts owned by the same person are not permitted. Any bots or fake accounts are not allowed.

Register here for quick access to your bounty - EUREKA Bounty Portal on

Bounty Allocation

  1. 25% Signature and Avatar Campaign
  2. 25% Articles / Content Creation Campaign
  3. 5% YouTube
  4. 10% Facebook
  5. 10% Twitter
  6. 5% Translation & Moderation
  7. 5% Telegram Campaign
  8. 5% Reddit Campaign
  9. 5% Scientists and Researchers Campaign (TBA)
  10. 5% Airdrop Campaign (TBA)


Info Team 

  • Prof. Dr. Lawrence Rajendran ;Founder and CEO
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Bocek. Chief Technology Officer
  • Mr. Lucas Pelloni. Deputy CTO
  • Ms. Isabelle Siegrist.Business Development
  • Mr. Andrew James Cook. VP Strategy and Operations
  • Prof. Dr. Jan Lötvall Editor-in-Chief
  • Dr. Tamara Zaytouni. Editorial Director
  • Mr. Severin Wullschleger.Smart Contract Engineer
  • Mr. Tejansh Chandole.Community Manager
  • Mr. Werner van Rooyen Public Relations Officer
  • Mr. Andreas Schaufelbühl. Software Engineer
  • Vasileios Koukoutsas.Backend Engineer
  • Simon Müller.Backend Engineer
  • Claude Müller.Backend Engineer


  • Prof. Tom Südhof.Nobel Prize Winner
  • Mr. Daniel Gasteiger.CEO Procivis AG
  • PD Dr. Sönke Bartling.Founder of Blockchain For Science
  • Dr. Guilherme Sperb Machado.ICO Advisor
  • Mr. Johannes Gees .Founder
  • Mr. Ozan Polat.Co-Founder Dezentrum 
  • Mr. Matthias Weissl.CEO Verum Capital AG

More Info 

User Bitcointalk ; amiraja2
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