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KStar is a new project featuring global Hallyu news, fans in all world content on K-star

Along with the development of blockhain technology from time to time more rapidly and globally. Many projects use Blockhain Technology to support their work in the future. This time there is a new project with the idea of ​​Cryptocurrency in the world of global Hallyu news media, which displays fans around the world on K-star, K-pop and K-drama.
Maybe this is one project that is different from usual for more details I will summarize all below

What is KStarLive.com?

 KStarLive is a global Hallyu news media, showing fans around the world content on K-star, K-pop and K-drama.. Currently fans and content creators around world are producing high quality Hallyu content in the form of video, pictures and etc. KStarLive introduces fans around the world to selected high quality content in the view point of the fan themselves. Establishd in May 2016, KStarlive reached 8.5 Million subscribers on May 2018.

Protocol and DApps

Currently, there are over 300 Million fans of Hallyu around the world. The number of Hallyu fan club members has surpassed 70 Million. However, due to language and geographical reasons, connecting with Hallyu stars has always remained a challenge for foreign fans.
Using Blockchain’s decentralized system, KStarcoin aims to unite the decentralized fan base of hallyu under one blockchain platform. KStarcoin’s token economy is focused on the fans of Hallyu. KStarcoin’s dapp can be largely classified into 4 different services.

KStarcoin 4 services.

News Media

KStarLive is the largest news platform for Hallyu fans around the world. We provide exclusive interviews as well as multi language services.


We will create and distribute value to fan created contents and sharing activities that generate traffic. We will also provide a platform where fan art and fanphic can be traded.


Help crowdfund your own K-pop concert and fan meetings in your country! KStarCoin will provide additional exclusive events.


With KStarCoin,you’ll be able to easily purchase exclusive goods by stars,the hottest products in Korea as well as Korean tourism packages.

Economy of Double Token

KStarCoin’s token economy consists of 2 tokens and is uniquely designed to be beneficial for token holders, dapp developers, partnership firms and all other participants of the ecosystem.

KStarCoin(KSC) will be used for purchasing exclusive goods or services such as concert ticketing, crowdfunding and exclusive licensed goods. Depending on the amount and time held, you can be eligible to receive additional benefits.

KRCoin(KRC) is South Korea’s stable coin,with the purpose for real day to day commerce and transactions. It will be pegged to the Korean Won and will operate in a high speed blockchain platform to enable free and fast transactions. By being active on KStarlive’s community platform,users will be able to get KRC in rewards as well as KSC in selected bonus rewards when applicable.

Blockchain Technology

Services that provide exclusive goods or services such as ticketing experience huge amounts of traffic in a short period of time. To be able to process this huge traffic, one would require a system that can process transactions faster than the typical blockchain system. ’soblo’ (Society of Blockchain) is a project born to solve this issue.

By using a consortium based blockchain that uses PBFT consensus algorithm, Soblo will be able to process up to 1000 transactions per second. Also, DApp developers that are members of the consortium will have a free smart contract environment as well as technical assistance. Soblo aims to lower the barrier of entry for blockchain technology to promote innovation and decentralization in different industries using blockchain.

KStarCoin connects 300 Million Hallyu Fans to their K-stars


Info Token


  •     Symbol ; KSC
  •     Typ       ; ERC20
  •     Price    ; $0.05
  •     Total Supply ; 1B
  •     Soft Cap ; 90M
  •     Hard Cap ; 450M

Token distribution

The new bounty program has 4 campaigns as follows:
1. Content (Bitcointalk discussion, blogs, and media publications)
2. Twitter Bounty
3. Airdrop Bounty (Telegram)
4. Bitcointalk.org Signature and Avatar Campaign

Chek here Bounty KSC


 Info Team

More Info

Website ; https://kstarcoin.com/
Twitter ; https://twitter.com/KStarCoin
Bounty ; https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5026329
Youtube ; https://youtu.be/yePtKPBBDz

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