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Krios is Modern technology affiliate networks connect businesses looking for promotional services

KriosCoin Best blockchain technology advertising for the future of digital currencies

  Along with the development of blockhain technology over a period of time is growing rapidly and globally. There are so many projects that use Blockhain Technology to support the project to be better in the future. Projects that use blockhain technology make new crypto. Cryptocurrencies are only being introduced almost every day and their value can grow exponentially from the start. At the same time, many were left behind after new things and markets, after which they immediately fell out of meaningful use. Despite the features of this nascent cryptocurrency market, it is clear that some statistical properties of the cryptocurrency market have been stable for years. Active crypto count, distribution of many markets, and crypto turnover are not predictable.

Later digital currencies do have serious problems. They are rarely used as currencies. Unexpected increase or decrease. The problem is coupled with excessive short-term price changes that create a big risk for many companies to receive crypto. In this case I will introduce one site or project that discusses digital currency. make it easier to convert KriosCoin



  1. Secure, private and decentralized
  2. No more banking or currency issues
  3. Smart contracts – work and payment guaranteed
  4. Build a full, specialized marketing team
  5. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin all integrated. Spend all on one platform

Ico info

Krios will use funds raised from the pre-sale and ICO in order to finalize development of the Krios platform, expand the team, compensate advisors and current team members and launch the platform worldwide. A portion of the budget is also reserved for promotional efforts.

Krios detail 

650,000,000 KriosCoins (‘KRI’) will be created during a single token creation event and will be distributed during two phases. After both rounds of the coin offering, no subsequent KriosCoins will be created. 150,000,000 KRI are reserved for the Team, Developers, Founders, Angel Investors & Bounty Campaign participants.
The platform focuses primarily on bringing social media influencers, consultants,ad managers, content creators, graphic designers, copywriters, and more together to create cost-efficient advertising campaigns which promote brand awareness,increase organic business growth and encourage brand loyalty. The Krios platform

connects businesses with the right affiliates to allow business owners and marketers to directly influence and attract their target market.

Krios is a viable solution to problems currently facing the digital advertising industry. Through the use of the blockchain and Ethereum smart contract technology, the platform offers a secure and transparent manner for conducting marketing activities, such as creating advertising content or purchasing advertisement spaceon a web page.

Krios is taking advantage of Ethereum’s smart contract standards to provide all parties involved in advertising campaigns with a fair, transparent, cheap and quick way to coordinate and execute transactions

Krios’ aim is to create a powerful and economical all in one solution that caters to diverse marketing needs, whilst maintaining simplicity and ease of use. Krios leads the disruption of a multi-billion-dollar industry by taking charge in providing responsibility and accountability, while increasing ROI for advertisers.

The power of social media networking and the use of affiliate marketing is wide spread and continues to flourish as businesses consistently realize exorbitant profits through the thoughtful and efficient process of connecting with relevant influencers.


Marketing is the study and management of exchange relationships. The American Marketing Association has defined marketing as “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”

Marketing is one of the focal points of any business that seeks to garner interest from customers, as it
includes virtually all customer-related activities; from developing products consumers will enjoy, to
attracting customers, maintaining a customer base, serving the customer and ensuring they are satisfied.


Publishing an advertisement online has been compared to investing. In the digital advertising world, companies invest large sums of money in hopes of receiving areturn on investment as new customers and existing clients see the ad and convert in the form of online sales. Advertisers do this despite the fact that they lack

the relevant data necessary to make an informed decision on where to spend their capital. Those who have advertised online have already encountered the complex world of measuring returns on digital advertising expenditures, in which companies attempt to derive where their individual online sales are coming from in hopes of maximizing expenditure efficiency. As a business looking to carry out a marketing campaign, putting together a team who work in perfect

synergy can be tedious as coordination among several platforms, tasks, and contributors can greatly complicate the process.


Info Team

More Info 

Telegram ; www.t.me/BXUNTY

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