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DEEX Exchange Latest and convenient platform for trading

    Nowadays Crypto is very popular, this is because of the growing development of Blockhain technology that is being used worldwide. This can be seen from a variety of Blockchain-based projects that appear to develop their own for their projects. By using a contract system that provides convenience and efficiency for various projects in the future. Along with popularity, turnover also grew significantly, such as buying and selling money for money (fiat), and cash transactions against each other.

Are you a person who likes to trade on the crypto exchange? As a trading person and must know the following points. At this time, we want to do what you want to buy crypto. But as we know now the average trading place now demands payment with a cost range of 0.0007-0.00. Of course this is quite large because we could be if we had to send crypto to various addresses. We might be able to lose because we have to pay expensive fees. But behind that, do you all know that the market is now available at a low cost and very attractive. The name of this site is DEEX Exchange. You must be curious how Exchange Exchange works and what distinguishes it from other trading sites. Regarding DEEX Exchange I will explain in full and in detail. Hopefully DEEX Exchange can be one of your choices in choosing a good investment, because DEEX Exchange is the best exchange ever.

What is DEEX Exchange

The latest exchange for everyone with good security and exchange to get quick profits and a different look from some other big markets and Deex Exchange provides individuals a reliable and convenient platform to quickly trade, buy or sell cryptocurrencies with help of the most popular payment methods for the fiat currencies available in the country of his/her residence.

Initially more than 10 cryptocurrencies will be available for the exchange including Bitcoin and Ethereum and many other altcoins.

Market View Deex Exchange

Big news DEEX Beta version

We are pleased to inform you that today is the first release of the beta version of the Exchange DEEX Exchange. The updated functionality includes a more convenient and intuitive interface for displaying markets (Markets) and registering new users (Registration). We have also made lots of work to optimize the exchange and fixed numbers that made it difficult for you to trade. Please note that with the launch of the new trading platform, we leave the alpha version active for use. All current and future changes and additions will only be made to the beta version

 Open testing of DEEX mobile app has started

open testing of the DEEX mobile application begins. Everyone can take part in this test and be the first to evaluate the convenience and functionality of a truly decentralized messenger with advanced financial capabilities.

Mobile app DEEX allows you to write secure messages, make video calls and perform the transfer of crypto currencies (including deex tokens). It is integrated with the DEEX platform and will allow you to connect nodes that support the ecosystem of crypto messenger. The messenger will include several subscription options that provide access to an extended set of features. User authentication can be carried out both by password and by fingerprint.

Testing of the mobile application is currently available only to owners of iOS devices. Android version will be launched soon.
To connect to the test program, follow the link and fill out the short form available in Russian, English and Turkish.

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new Bounty program with a budget of 100,000 USD. Anyone who wants to participate in the development of the project can take part in this company. Bounty is a great opportunity not only to tell other crypto enthusiasts about DEEX, but also to become a part of the decentralized future together with DEEX. All the details you can find from our official topic on Bitcointalk.

Bounty program 2.0  allocation

Token Pool Distribution

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