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BlockVest provides the benefits of the world’s top cryptocurrencies in one platform

  Nowadays Crypto is very popular, this is because of the growing development of Blockhain technology that is being used worldwide. This can be seen from a variety of Blockchain-based projects that appear to develop their own for their projects. By using a contract system that provides convenience and efficiency for various projects in the future. Along with popularity, turnover also grew significantly, such as buying and selling money for money (fiat), and cash transactions against each other.

Are you a person who likes to trade on the crypto exchange? As a trading person and must know the following points. At this time, we want to do what you want to buy crypto. now there is a new project platform that might make it easy for your investment Blockvest. You must be curious How Blockvest works and what sets it apart from others. About Blockvest, I will explain in full and in detail. Hopefully Blockvest can be one of your choices in choosing a good investment, because Blockvest will hold ICO and Crowdfunding events.

What is BlockVest?

Blockvest uses blockchain technology, digital identity, and digitize assets that are self-managed with smart contracts, to achieve a “smart economy” on a distributed network.

Blockvest (BLV) is an ERC20 token based upon the Ethereum blockchain. Operating on the blockchain allows for global accessibility, 24/7 trading, transparency, public verification of Blockvest’s holdings and no expensive legacy banking fees. Blockvest Nvestnodes generate passive income through asset backed profit sharing smart contracts. At it’s core, BLV is a security token that’s representative of the top performing cryptocurrency index. The initial tokens can only be acquired during the Token Generation Event (TGE) which is a one off, closed-cap offering. The tokens provided will represent a participant ’s share of the portfolio. Thirty percent of the total amount contributed during the offering will go directly towards buying the underlying index cryptocurrencies. 

Blockchain Investments issues tokens built on a profit-sharing smart contract. The company is proud to introduce the Token-As-Fund business model, which allows investors to subscribe to the fund’s income stream. To monitor the current reserves of the fund and the fund’s value, a self-certification system is included so shareholders can monitor their investment at any time. Performing daily self-certification of funds in conjunction with monthly external audits will ensure transparency and trust between BLV fund managers and shareholders. Blockchain Investments offers multiple open-end investment funds also known as Digital Asset Arrays or Bespoke Blockpools.
  Blockchain Investments helps its clients create passive income from Blockvest Nvestnodes. Nvestnodes are similar to bitcoin mining but are a much more efficient use of the network and are much less complex. Nvestnodes have some crucial additional functionalities which give them more utility than Bitcoin. Utility is a primary driver of value for cryptocurrencies. Blockvest connects collateral holders with people who require low volatility, which creates an incentive-based market for stability. Collateral holders are rewarded when users transact in the stablecoin, compensating them for staking the system. We enable individual asset coins to be bundled and listed as Digital Asset Arrays similar to ETFs, Futures Contracts and Forex Currency Pairs. This will allow investors to diversify their Cryptocurrency portfolio with traditional financial products written on smart contracts, recorded on the Blockchain and settled in Cryptocurrency. The Blockvest Project is starting with Blockvest Nvestnodes but we anticipate a future of Bitcoin Nvestnodes, Ethereum Nvestnodes, BlockVest Blockchain Derivatives and more — all of which can be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges around the world and be traded globally.

Nvestnode Wallet

Blockvest Staking

Simply holding 1000 BLV in an Nvestnode generates passive income thru fees 

Client-Side Encryption

100% secure wallet with no possibility of 3rd party risk or manipulation 

Multi-Asset Support

Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others. Long term or short term, holds your assets safely 

Generate Nvestnode Passive Income

Active Nvestnodes are rewarded with Quarterly Digidends

Fully Transparent

All transactions are recorded and archived on the blockchain for trust and verifiability 

Yield Stable Coin

Due to the passive income and stability of the Yield stablecoin, the market capitalization of the BLV platform increase

Blockvest Analytical & Management Interface
The Blockvest Interface provides tools for investment portfolio structuring and management as well as a holistic . view of the available investment opportunities and the fund’s historical and current investment performance

The interface allows the investor to;

• Analyze and pick investment opportunities from the list of options that are available on the Blockvest Crypto
• Structure the investment portfolio and allocate capital to desired assets.
• Track the po
rtfolio performance.
• Drill down to get the decomposition and verify the investment results.
• Submit tokens for buyback to participate in the distribution of the fund’s income.
• Download reports and export necessary analytical data.

This investment

interface will be based on the institutional grade investment interfaces created by Blockchain
Investment Group.

Blockchain Investments  seeks to provide investors a regular stream of income while  preserving capital to the maximum extent possible. The fund trades the following instruments in its portfolio basket: cryptocurrencies,tokens,  digital  assets,  Fintech,  ICOs,  leasing,  mining,  tokenized  real  state,  tokenized  gold,  tokenized  energy, online trading  and  new  technologies.  
Blockchain  Investments  limits  sub-account  size  in  order  to  secure  the fastest most liquid trades as is possible thus realizing safe gains with extremely low volatility.

BlockVest Distribution

BLV’s 100 million tokens are divided into two portions. The first portion of 50 million tokens will be distributed proportionally to supporters of BlockVest during the crowdfunding. 
This portion is yet to be distributed.
1; Community develovment 10%
2; Team Advisors 20%
3; Core activites reserved 10%
4; Token sale 60%

Testing The Waters Phase
$1 BLV = $1 USD
BLV Tokens Sold: 18%

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