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Webercoin - Platform that makes it easy for business

With the development of Blokchain technology that has been increasingly in demand year by year and bringing changes to the world. Many projects have used Blokchain technology for their projects. This blockchain-based project uses intelligent Blockchain-based contracts that allow projects to create their own new digital currencies. As we know today, crypto currencies are very popular and attract many people to join. How about you ?

if you have the intention maybe you can choose a Webercoin project because maybe Webercoin will be a successful project and can give you an advantage don't forget to join this big project

What is Webercoin?

Webercoin is the tokens that fuels the Weber Hub marketplace which connects businesses to users on the easy-to-use reward platform for engagement on the platform, all within an Ads network system. Using Webercoin, the primary token on the platform, as well as other widely used tokens, businesses connect with their customers better, and customers get rewarded for using the platform.

What is platform WeberHub

WeberHub is the platform that brings them together, increasing interaction between businesses and customers, with low-cost advertising and seamless processes.

The Problems


Blockchain transparency

The Blockchain provides full transparency, on a secure and efficient network. All transactions on the WeberHub platform utilize the Webercoin token, a cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum technology.

Secure platform

WeberHub is a built in Ethereum platform, one of the most secure platforms. Users don't need to worry about theft or loss data. Privacy is guaranteed and absolutely no data is sold to third party.

Effective advertising with rewards

On the platform, business owners are rewarded for placing their Ads on the platform and users get rewarded for rating or recommending a business.

Rewarding marketplace

The WeberHub platform is a digital marketplace where business owners can meet their desired audience, users too have an opportunity to connect to their preferred businesses.

Return on advertising spend

On WeberHub, users are guaranteed a good return on investment placed on the platform, and low cost on ads placed.

How does WeberHub work?

A marketplace like no other
On the WeberHub platform, businesses and their ideal users get to connect as closely as they want, without complex and costly processes. Through interactions, reviews, recommendations and more, users get rewarded as they connect with their preferred businesses without barriers. In addition, all the platform’s users’ information is stored securely on Ethereum’s platform on the blockchain, users have no fear of their personal information being accessible to unwanted parties.

The Webercoin token (WBC)

The tokens shared on the platform reduce barriers that prevent entry into the cryptographic ecosystem, making it simple and beneficial for non-cryptocurrency users to adopt the platform. The Webercoin token (WBC) is used to reward both businesses and users, enabling them to earn through activities such as rating businesses on the WeberHub platform, whose offerings stand out. The Webercoin token will be used to collect advertising revenue through sponsored adverts.

Problems in the current marketplace
In the social media advertising landscape, it is becoming increasingly difficult for users to engage directly with businesses, and for businesses to connect with customers who are interested in what their business has to offer. Businesses find it hard to connect with social influencers and to leverage stronger relationships with them to grow their user base. Also, costs for advertising on traditional social media platforms have skyrocketed, and platforms do not create marketplaces where businesses and users can interact in a seamless and positive way. Users lack privacy as their information on existing social platforms are accessible to external parties.
Solution for Businesses

Solution for Businesses
With Webercoin, businesses can reach customers that are more inclined to purchasing from them, and at much lower advertising costs than current social media platforms, giving them increased return on their advertising investment and better relationships with their customers, impacting their bottom line positively.

Solution for Users
Users get access to a wide array of products and services in their localities and beyond, that meet their specific needs, with the opportunity to rate the businesses and get rewarded for doing so.

Decentralized App


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