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INGOT is the latest innovation from wallet based on blockchain technology

Along with the development of blockhain technology over a period of time is growing rapidly and globally. There are so many projects that use Blockhain Technology to support their work to be better in the future. This time there is a new project with an amazing idea that wants to connect the world with Cryptocurrency. The name of this Project is IGOT 

What is INGOT

INGOT Coin is the first fully integrated blockchain-based Wallet with a Digital Bank, Brokerage, Exchange, Certifier, and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Accelerator; all rolled into a holistic ecosystem which rewards token holders and cryptocurrency market participants for using it and contributing to it, in addition to granting them the opportunity to invest in a wide- ranging list of cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, stocks, as well as other financial assets and instruments. INGOT coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency which provides benefits and discounts within the ecosystem itself. IC will be based on ERC20 technology.


Digital currency is a digitized money/asset that is computerized through the means of cryptography, but it can’t be touched or felt like the fiats currencies. but the good thing is that it has values just like the normal Fiat currencies, example of cryptocurrencies to name but a few are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, Dash, Ripples. Etc. Furthermore, since the rise of blockchain technology, the industrial sectors have experienced another shift into proper efficinecy within the scope of their working framework. And one of the cardinal things in the coordinate structure of blockchain technology is the Smart Contract/Derivatives. The utilization of smart contracts has driven most enterprises (Small and Big scale) to consider approaches to move forward their administrations, while a few businesses are as of now embracing the blockchain technology innovation. By using the smart contracts, companies are working towards limiting expenses and time. In the monetary business supposedly the financial sector, smart contracts installed in the framework prompts the advancement in confirmation, exchange and trade. Thus, bringing about a more secure and effective market for user’s. And despite this technological advancement, the financial sector is still witnessing some challenges which has undermine the working capability and full acceptance of Cryptocurrenies. Furthermore, to name but a few out of the challenges facing the Cryptocurrencies ecosystem are:
• Ineffective market structure
• High cost of transactions
• Lack of trust in the Cryptocurrency markets
• Difficulties in converting from Cryptocurrency into Fiat, and vice versa.
Thus, INGOT COIN has come with the blockchain technology platform in order to provide lasting solutions to this problems by the full decentralization and integration of local and traditional financial industries through the introduction and adoption of blockchain technology which gives the users complete access and controls over their finances.


INGOT Coin is birthed from the INGOT Group which has been in existence for as far back as the year 1993. INGOT Coin is an incorporated blockchain-based Wallet with a Digital Bank, Brokerage, Exchange, Certifier, and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Accelerator; all moved into an all encompassing environment which rewards token holders and cryptographic money advertising members for utilizing it and adding more value to it. INGOT Coin will be making use of the Ethereum smart contract blockchain technology to help speed up the execution rate of different contracts and transactions which will take away the issues of third-party and different kinds of interferences that restrict investors in having full control in transacting on exchanges, and the most interesting part of Ingot coin is that the platform is a decentralized cryptographic asset which gives rewards and inside its ecosystem. INGOT Coin has developed full integrated Wallet that consist of a Digital Bank, Exchange, Brokerage, Certifier and ICO Accelerator which are integrated into a singular ecosystem.


The INGOT COIN ecosystem is built on the Ethereum blockchain technology which will create efficiency and linking of newly developed cryptocurrency market with the current existing financial market with aim of providing a secure ecosystem that will enable users to perform and execute trades successfully according to their financial needs. The six main features of the ecosystem are explained below.
IC EXCHANGE: INGOT Coin has developed its IC Exchange will safely be incorporated with the IC Wallet, IC Brokerage and IC Digital Bank which will be user friendly and easy to use. The exchange will list major coins and recently issued ICOs to give an entire expanded coin range for showcase members.
IC WALLET: INGOT platform has developed an IC Wallet which is a blockchain based cryptocurrency wallet that will be used by user’s to send, receive and store cryptocurrencies available in the market. Also, it contains cold storage and multi signature system which makes the wallet more secured.
IC BROKERAGE: INGOT coin platform has developed an IC brokerage which is integrated with the IC wallet and IC exchange to give an investor a wide range of assets, fiat currencies and commodities to trade within a time of uncertainty. The availability of options give users the ability to diversify their portfolio. The Brokerage will permit moment exchanging on cryptocurrency/stock like BTC/APPL, BTC/Gold….etc.
IC DIGITAL BANK: The IC Digital Bank will be providing 24/7 automated payment process. It will also help on daily online services such as e-payment, current and savings account. The Digital bank will also serve as a fund management for all stakeholders interested.
IC CRYPTOCURRENCY CERTIFIER: This is a unique feature from INGOT coin which will be an opportunity to create awareness and educate individuals interested about blockchain technology and customers about the current trends. Different courses will be taught and certificate will awarded to the successful graduates who enrolled for the courses.

 ICO  Info

Pre-ICO is now over, we successfully raised 40,000,000 USD from 6273 true visionaries 

Exchange will be charging a preferred rate on all transactions paid by our coin, compared to payments done by other major cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies. The maximum distributed number of tokens will be 120,000,000 IC.
Sign up now and get your free tokens, as well as a discount that will reach up to 30% on your token purchase!
  1. 3%
  2. 5%
  3. 8%
  4. 10%
  5. 11%
  1. 4%
  2. 4%
  3. 5%
  4. 5%
  5. 7%
  6. 75%

Bounty Info 

BOUNTY CAMPAIGN : 6 000 000 IC  to be divided according to the stakes accumulated amongst selected participants.

Bounty campaign includes these categories:

  1. Signature campaign (10%)
  2. Translation (3%)
  3. Facebook (2%)
  4. Twitter (3%)
  5. Article/blog (10%)
  6. Youtube (4%)
  7. Telegram (3%)
  8. Referral (50%)
  9. Bonus (10%)

Ingot News  

Info Team

More info

Website ; https://www.ingotcoin.io
ANN ; https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3581009
Bounty ; https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3591451
Twitter ; https://twitter.com/ICOINGOT
Facebook ; https://web.facebook.com/ICOINGOT
Whitepaper ; https://www.ingotcoin.io/documents/en/white-paper.pdf

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