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Typerium - Decentralized Content Creation Platform

What is Typerium?
Typerium is ability to create, share, and connect, are fundamental to the human experience.
Type and image create a global language that we can all understand, regardless of
our background, culture, or the language we speak.

Benefits of Typerium

Typerium is needed to protect the intellectual property of content creators, to facilitate a cost-effective and global creative currency, and to create a thriving decentralised marketplace for buying and selling digital content.
Trust and Transparency

Building trust in online commerce is hard. Creative content makers cannot reach their audiences easily and the big marketplaces don’t make information available to makers and buyers. Typerium brings them transparency and makes it more efficient and rewarding for makers and buyers to connect.

The creative content application
market is underdeveloped

Apps that connect creative content and users are one of the fastest-growing markets. Yet, no easy way exists to link creators with users. Type Protocol is the app that finally brings them together. With the app, creators can make high-end content that can be used on any platform, linking makers to users and everyone to rewards. 

Traditional contracts and licensing
are slow and expensive

Typerium embraces Ethereum's smart contract technology to automate all of the complex processes that take legalyers, high fees and large amounts of time to get done. Licensing and usage rights are built into Typerium's process. The app makes it easier to track intellectual property and piracy.

Normal payment processing is complex,
expensive and slow

Typerium leverages blockchain technology, which can make payments much like traditional PayPal and credit cards. Big marketplaces create additional costs, but the Typerium environment removes the big-marketplace overheads from transactions.

Inability to capitalize on the
growing blockchain economy

Typerium provides a pathway for creative content makers and users of creative content to capitalize on the blockchain economy. It is a marriage of creativity and commerce in Typerium environment.

Typerium Decentralized Application Features

The Typerium platform will run on one decentralized application.
Here are some of the key features:

   The Eco-System

All content on the Typerium eco-system is bought and sold with TYPE Tokens.
These tokens use blockchain and smart contract technology to help facilitate transactions
on the Typerium platform. They can be converted to a fiat currency at any time by sending them to an exchange.

Typerium Decentralized Application Features

The Typerium platform will run on one decentralized application.
Here are some of the key features:

ype + Image = Language

Our decentralized design software will help content creators generate content for over 2.4 billion global content consumers.

Interactive Design Software

Create high quality visual content without the need for any previous design experience. Create, share, publish, and sell visual content.

Multiple Outputs

Every size for every platform. We're empowering you to show the world what you're made of. Publish content to any platform with a single click.

Browse the Marketplace

Browse the Typerium marketplace to find the content you are looking for. There are countless options and there is no centralized control.

Buy & Sell Content

Sell your original content or buy content from others. Both are extremely easy to do on the Typerium platform. Create, earn and inspire.

Protect Your Content

We're using blockchain technology to protect your intellectual property. Typerium keeps your content safe from intellectual property thieves.

Share Instantly

With Typerium, you can instantly share, publish and download your content. It's literally as simple as pushing a button.

Interact with Others

Message, like, follow and talk to people from all over the world. We're building a community that inspires and uplifts both creators and consumers.

Motivate & Inspire

We're giving you the tools to work alongside the community and create content that will inspire, motivate and add value to people's lives.

Send & Receive Tokens

Send and receive TYPE Tokens. Our mobile, desktop, and app wallets will allow you to send your tokens to an exchange and trade them for cash.

High Security

Security is a top priority at Typerium. Our wallets and our decentralized applications will be developed at the highest level of security.

Your Own Wallet

We’ll make sure that you’re the only one who has access to your wallet with your private key, which allows you to make secure transactions with your TYPE Tokens.

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