Selasa, 26 Juni 2018

Valorem Foundation -platform for multi-party transactions across multiple industries.

What is Valorem
Valorem Platform is a Financial Environment with an Airbnb like Trust system. Allowing the exchange between various businesses and individuals from crypto to fiat and back. Valorem is not just an escrow, Valorem uses a reserve banking algo to funnel investments and money for specific high ranking profiles.

The purpose of Valorem Platform

wealth and value creation
Valorem operates on a simple principle. Value given should equal value received. With extraordinary advise in the crypto space we developed a system for everyone to share ideas, products, services and be a part of an ecosystem that can truly help develop and preserve their personal wealth.

Ranking is built by trust. Trust is built by repeat transactions and positive feedback between users. It moves money to trusted sources via trust profile rankings and also allows for a hedge. A hedge can be voted in by participants and allow for decreased risk with new and unknown users. Were now developing the platform.

 Budget for Platform Development


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