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Smart Valley - infrastructure to support innovation

    The development of a technology provides a rapid development, and continues to increase in various levels as well as in various areas or on a variety of supporting activities that build a level of life as well as an increasingly more focused and well-structured interaction level for life in the present and also in the future, by building an interaction at these various levels will provide the benefits of profit that can be taken and also can be utilized properly. here we will introduce SmartValley which is an era of building a community with great interaction levels, as well as efficient levels of good interaction, where SmartValley strives to benefit participating and supportive contributions in the building of this great community.

What is Smart Valley:

SmartValley is a basic and well structured concept and the structure of this concept has been implemented in a platfrom work, which in this platform is aimed at providing increased effectiveness of a community in order to help to enhance interaction interactions that can provide benefits and will improve the stability level in various interactions well, so that will create a level of profit or profits that will be more increased and also greater, where the contribution will be given a variety of services that are able to realize the target targets in building a business by building a community the big one.

Advantages Of SmartValley:

1, With this very small Risk Level provides a convenience for the contributions
2. Evaluation level on problem analysis quickly and precisely.
3. Qualify for a rating on SmartValley is good
4. With a founder and team that is reliable and good
5. For purchase in participating is very safe and will get assurance on various interactions.
6. Support his existing blockhain system and his technology makes the interaction more controlled well.

Token Info:

Price token SVT: 1 SVT = $ 0.10 (10 cents)
Minimum amount for ICO participants: $ 1
Currency received: ETH, BTC
Soft Cap: $ 3 000 000
Hard Cap : $ 30,000,000

The period of fundraising:
December 2017-March 2018 (ICO will begin in March, the exact date will be announced later);
The process of collecting the funds will last until the expiration of the ICO or hard limit.

     20% bonus from December 1 to December 10, 2017;
     10% bonus from December 11, 2017, the beginning of ICO;
     0% deposit bonus during the ICO.


Info Team SmartValley : 

1. Alexey Voronin , Founder Of SmartValley 
2. Vladimir Zhiganov , Legal Support And Financial Audit Expert
3. Valentin Livkin , CTO 
4. Alexander Ruchiov ,  President Of Osnova Group
5. Sergey Ruchiov , CEO 
6. Vladimir Marinovich , Ex CEO Of Gett
7. Vladimir Manzyuk, System Analist
8. Konstantin Zhukov , Senior Sofware Developer
9. Maksim Gurev, QA engineer 
10. Vadim Chupin , Blockhain Engineer
11. Maksim Zakharov , Developer
12. Andrey Denisyuk , Project Manager
13. Eugene Fedorov , Blockhain And Full Stack Developer 

Advisor :

1. Alex Fork , Ceo At Humaniq & Founder Of Future Fintech Accelerator
2. Grigory Avetov, Organizer Of Global Synergy Forums in Moscow and New York

More info

Website                : https://smartvalley.io/
WhitePaper          : https://smartvalley.io/files/WP_en.pdf
Telegram              : https://t.me/joinchat/E_lQyBGg1fbtQsqOCzBhxg
Facebook              : https://www.facebook.com/SmartValley.io/
Twitter                  : https://twitter.com/ISmartvalley
Instagram              : https://www.instagram.com/smartvalley/
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