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SKYFchain - first blockchain based Business-to-Robots (B2R)

 Along with the development of technology blockhain from time to time more rapidly and worldwide. There are so many projects that use Blockhain Technology to support the project for the better future. This time there is a new project again with an incredible idea that wants to connect the world with Cryptocurrency. The name of this Project is SKYFchain.
we can see and understand more interestingly robot technology today is growing rapidly and has many innovations in robots that simplify human work. One of them with drones is an unmanned robot aircraft with the most advanced technology today. Drones have various types, from drones to film needs, racing, to drones to shipping.


What is SKYFchain

SKYFchain is the first blockchain based Business-to-Robots (B2R) Operating Platform

Benefits of SKYFchain

Project SKYFchain will provide solutions for the logistics industry globally by using the drone or aircraft without the crew. SKYFchain using blockchain technology base platform is open to all participants of the cargo robot cycle. SKYFchain will develop and set a new standard for industry robotic delivery in the areas of financing, maintenance, manufacturing, insurance, and operating authority drone on land and at sea.

The concept of the project

SKYFShain business model

We issue a fixed amount of SKYFT tokens, which will be required for any transaction inside SKYFchain A user requests a transaction in SKYFchain and pays securely in fiat money through his smart contract SKYFchain acquires SKYFT tokens at a crypto exchange to execute the transaction


SKYFchain is the first heavy cargo Drone in the world that has the ability to do a take-off in vertical. SKYFchain drones can be used for a wide variety of industries such as logistics, agriculture and emergency assistance.
SKYFchain drones can carry a maximum load of up to 400kg and can fly up to a radius of 350 km road. Drones can also match with national regulations and weather conditions.

SKYFchain is a spin-off of the successful SKYF drone project


SKYFchain will perform data storage and ensure the data associated with the operations of the drone remains secure. Thus it will be a server as a trusted data source specification such as drones, maintenance or care, licensing and operation of pilot data and mission that will be done and the route that will be going through. SKYFchain has the authority in mission planning, verification and operation support drones so that is accurate and 100% secure.

Info ICO SKYFchain

SKYFchain launches the ico to distribute the nodes SKYFchain. The holder of the blockchain node will get a transaction fee that will be in use for development and marketing of SKYFchain around the world.
SKYFchain started Pre-ICO on March 1, 2018.
Target Pre-ICO $ 1 million USD

Detail TOKEN 

  1. Name Token: SKYFT
  2. Supply: 1.2 billion
  3. ICO: $ 65 price USD / 1 SKYFT Token
  4. upper holder-nodes get 50% of the cost
  5. 25% of the cost given to the holder of the token
  6. 25% of the cost given to community development funds

SKYFT Token Details

SKYFT Token Sale


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