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Peur -the best and revolutionary market that will disrupt traditional transaction platforms

What Is Peur

Peur is a truly decentralized marketplace and used as payroll integration. Peur platform is a brand new innovation and unique marketplace service that allows anyone from beginners to experts: to invest in and manage digital assets, to buy and sell products & services, to serve as a currency for in-app payment.

Benefits peur

  1. Peur platform is built on top of Blockchain technology to leverage security and transparency.
    Worldwide Integration
  2.  Peur can be exchange directly to fiat or other cryptocurrencies from Peur mobile app. 

Peur Features

  • Simple, fast and extra secure
  • Expand the market with blockchain technology
  • Decentralized
  • Direct conversion without exchangers
  • Limited token supply
  • Short and long-term investment
  •  Based on trust and reputation system built in the smart contract
  •  Combining B2B, B2C, B2E, C2C and service
  •  Payroll integration for companies to their employees
Peur Solutions
Peur is a simple and powerful crypto marketplace for everyone. Everything you need is available on your smartphones with one simple touch.

     No holding period, instant payment for merchants
     No cash, credit cards or debit cards needed
     No limit of transaction volume
     Direct conversion to fiat or other cryptocurrencies without exchangers
     Loyalty programs and cashback for every transaction
     Maximum 2% surcharge for every transaction
     No monthly, annual or membership fees

Payroll Integration

  1.  Submit payment instructions - Ensure accurate payment for your employees by sending your monthly payment instructions, so we can arrange payment for you.
  2. Calculate and process payments - Our team will review, confirm, and process all calculations related to your employees' salaries, such as new employees and taxes, and smart contracts will execute the rest.
  3.  Generate reports and transaction slips - You can easily track monthly payroll lists with generated reports, bank file listings, and transaction slips for your employees. 

Details token

  1.            Token Symbol: PURC
  2.            Platform: Ethereum ERC20
  3.            Total supply: 200 million
  4.            PURC Tokens for sale: 24 Million tokens for PRE-SALE
  5.            Softcap: 2.5 Million USD
  6.            Hardcap: 25 Million USD 
 Why invest PURC tokens?

  1.     The number of tokens is fixed. No additional tokens will ever be created
  2.      Permanently increasing demand due to our unique buy-back program, $ 1 trillion market   and growing network around the world
  3.      PURC will be the major payment in app-payment, payroll, online and offline market
Distribution token

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