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TrueGame-The first game game based on Blockchain

    Are you a gamers? at least though not a gamer we all love games on average. Moreover, game one way to overcome badmod after tired of doing heavy activities, or work that never kkunjung finished. Playing transforms our feelings into happiness and eliminates fatigue in our heads because playing the game is fun. Along with the development of information and communication technology. Many things have changed that we can see in the world such as blockchain technology that is rampant rampant to be one that is often in talking. With Blockchain Technology allows projects to use intelligent contract systems for their projects. Start many projects that operate with blockhain technology by creating crypto for the project. It is common in funding their projects to hold ICO and Crowfund. This time new different projects emerge using Blokchain's technology to combine their projects in the GAME field. This project is called TrueGame. Are you curious about how fun games are combined with blockchain technology? I will explain in detail about TrueGame, which allows this to be an option for your investment.

What's TrueGame?

Truegame is a blockchain based igaming platform that operates live. The platform combines the igaming and blockchain protocol for its online games. With the blockchain and ethereum technology, gaming is more transparent. 

 Truegame Features

  1.      Fully integrated platform for online gaming.
  2.      Blockchain technology.
  3.      Transparent gaming platform.
  4.      Flexible architecture.
  5.      Unique games.
  6.      High level of implementation.

 Truegame advantages

Truegame advantages include flexibility and mobility.

The game is built on transparency with a desire to show the players the full implications of the game. There is an absolute value of the drawing in each of the winnings.

Imagine a game where winnings are actually fairly distributed; and you can be 100 sure about it. Blockchain enables to generate random numbers, draws will not be manipulated.

Finally, Time for some transparency and reliability on the gaming world with smart contracts!

Gaming and online gaming industry has been developing growing past couple of years, an investment to a transparent gaming system; on a growing industry is definitely worth considering; we recommend you to read the white paper for a comparison of Truegame to other market players that will soon be coming,

 Info token

 The Truegame (TGAME) token is a utility token used for playing games on the Truegame platform.

Token name -TGAME
Price            - 1 ETH = 9,250 TGAME
Accepting    - TH, BTC & LTC
Minimum investment - 0.1 ETH
Softcap         - 2,300 ETH.
Hardcap        -10,300 ETH

Token Sale

Truegame will release its own token named TGAME which will be based on the Ethereum's ER20 platform. A total of 300,000,000 TGAME tokens will be created and out of these, 70% of the tokens will be up for sale in the ICO.


  • 70% of tokens will be sold in the ICO.
  • The core team behind TGAME will be taking 15%.
  • 1% will be reserved for bounty rewards.
  • 10% will be reserved for future purposes.
  • And 4% will be given to the advisory team.

Funds Distribution

Out of the total 300,000,000 TGAME tokens that will be in existence. It will be divided in following ways: -



Truegame is one of the best ICOs right now, if not the best. It already has a working product and a mobile app available. It has a strong team with years of credible experience in the sales and gaming industry lead by Dmitry Danilov as the CEO. They also have a solid collection of some of the best ICO advisors in the blockchain with names such as Mate Tokay, Bogdan Fiedur, Benjamin Fockersperger and many others. Truegame is a very promising ICO that delivers what they intend to do and honestly, I have not seen any ICO right now that is as high profile, high – rated and talked about as the Truegame ICO.


The road map of Truegame started in November of 2016 when the project goals were define, concept was developed and the team formed.
  • December 2016 was the creation of technical infrastructure like the servers, Ethereum node, and development environment. Also a fully working platform was launched.
  • January 2017 was design development.
  • February 2017 was the technical implementation of interface design: adaptive layout, client-side logic development was carried out.
  • March 2017, Development of random number generator (RNG) based on blockchain and smart contract.
  • April 2017 to June 2017, integration of smart contract based prize drawing, scratch card and lotteries development in each month.
  • July 2017, integration of Utility token into the platform.
    August 2017, Implementation of ethereum based Player’s balance system.
  • September 2017, tests were carried out.
  • October 2017, the first working version of the platform.
  • November 2017 was the launch of the public version of the platform.
    December 2017, adjustment made to the website based on feedback from Bitcointalk professional community.

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