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Kerberos Mining - Cryptocurrency and Blockchain based mining companies.

    Along with the development of technology blockhain from time to time more rapidly and worldwide. There are so many projects that use Blockhain Technology to support the project for the better future. Projects that use blockhain technology create a new crypto. New cryptocurrencies are introduced almost daily and their value can grow exponentially from the start. At the same time, many were abandoned after the novelty and market of the "honeymoon period", after which soon fell out of meaningful use. Despite this newborn market's cryptocurrency features, it is clear that some of the statistical properties of the cryptocurrency market have stabilized over the years. The number of active cryptoes, the distribution of market share, and the crypto diarrhea turnover remain predictable. Digital currency lately did have serious problems. They are rarely used as currency. Unexpected upgrades or changes. The problem is coupled with excessive short-term price changes that create huge risks for many companies to accept cryptococcus. In this I will introduce one of the sites or projects that discuss about mining with digital currency. The name of this Project is Kerberos Mining.

What is Kerberos Mining?

The Kerberos Coin is a startup GPU Only Crypto mining company based in Gauteng South Africa.
The South African Landscape for Crypto Farming is still in a very early stage of adoption and development. Demand for mining operations worldwide will increase exponentially over the next few years to ensure the long term stability of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain applications. South Africa is a flourishing country with world class commercial infrastructure and relatively inexpensive electricity supply, which makes it a very suitable environment for the Kerberos Coin Project.

How Our ICO Works

Kerberos The Company

Clients purchase KRC Coins to invest into a company Called Kerberos. First Round coin cost US $ 0.12,Kerberos Coin will be used to track investors initial investment and profitability.
There will only be 10,000,000 Kerberos Coins Available with the first initial Offering. This will make sure that we keep it manageable and profitable for all our investors.

Each token will entitle its holder to their pro-rate share of 70% of the company's profits every quarter for as long as the token is held. 30% is further reinvested to compound into additional mining equipment, business strategy and development of Kerberos. The payouts will be done every quarter in ETH to token holders. 

Kerberos Coin Grows With The Company

Kerberos ICO is an opportunity to purchase a profit share of an industrial scale, crypto-mining company.

KRC value will be backed by physical hardware. Below budget indicates that we will use 90% of the funds to setup a Crypto mining operation. The more Kerberos as a company grows the more value the coin will have because of our reinvestment and expansion strategies.

Equipment And Plans

Kerberos Company will not use any Asic mining equipment because of the market volatility and certain coins mining difficulty increase.Sticking to GPU mining is more stable and gives us more options to be profitable.We will mine whatever coin has the best returns.

All the coins that we mine will be stored offsite and offline.

KRC Information

Coin name is Kerberos - Abbreviation: KRC
ICO start date is the 1st of April 2018 12:00 AM GMT and runs until 12:00 AM GMT the 1st May 2018.The Coin offers will be open to the global public.Restrictions apply for residents of Germany and US-based investors. Kerberos Coin is based on the ERC20 protocol, which determines that up to 10 million coins will be issued with the first round discount of 34% (US $ 0.12). The final coin allocation is set up as follows:


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