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FLOGmall - The first buying and selling project that uses cryptocurrency

  Along with the development of technology blockhain from time to time more rapidly and worldwide. Lots of projects that use Blockhain Technology Especially Online Business is a lot of high-income from online business. In fact, sometimes online earnings are higher than offline. Especially with the development of Technology now allows us to do many things on the internet to support his project for the better future. This time there is a new project again with a very great idea about selling and buying various products and services with cryptocurrency, this poyek benama FLOGmall.

let me explain more detail about FLOGmall project

What is FLOGmall

FLOGmall is an international e-commerce site created for users from all over the world, who sell and buy various products and services with tokens.

What products and services you can find on FLOGmall?

FLOGmall is a great aggregator for all of crypto society, which is not limited to a specific category of goods or services. We bring you millions of products, from electronics and clothing to accessories and cars or rental housing. Everything you’re accustomed to buying in stores with fiat money FLOGmall is one platform, hundreds of altcoins and dozens of saved hours in search of the goods or services acquired for the cryptocurrency.

Achievements from the FLOGmall project

Millions of offers

Catalogue with an extensive list of goods for all user categories. Here you can find everything for daily living. Choose your necessary item from a million of offers and pay with cryptocurrency.

Stream-video sale

Are you ready for the era of sale in real time? You don’t have to run like a deer pushing one another in a queue in order to get a desirable item for the best price anymore. Quite enough to have an access to the internet and to sign in/register on Flogmall.

Personal ads

You can totally free advertise the sale of your item on Flogmall that you don’t use anymore and earn cryptocurrency!

Take photos and make a video overview of your item of goods and place it in two clicks, millions users will view your ad from all over the world.



  1.     Exchange of tokens for goods and services of mass consumption.
  2.     Access to goods and services from around the world.
  3.     Unique video platform with live stores.
  4.     Payment with any altcoins.
  5.     Honest information on each seller.
  6.     Cashback and discounts for tokens
  7.     Secure purchases using a smart contract. 


  1. Access to customers from all over the world.
  2. Saving on commissions of payment systems.
  3. Own live store on the finished platform.
  4. Prompt start of sales.
  5. Wide opportunities for promotion through bloggers.
  6. Free area with minimum rates for additional services.
  7. Access to a new, growing audience of holders of tokens with high solvency.
  8. Equal opportunities for all types of sellers at the initial stage of placement on the FLOGmall resource. 

Mission FLOGmall

The mission of the FLOGmall platform is to truly transform the market of goods and services, using extensive experience, deep knowledge, and the interest of vendors and ordinary users by all over the world as well as FLOGmall is a multi-format bulletin board and an online store platform that brings together sellers and buyers of products / services for tokens around the world.

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