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Age of Dragons-the best adventure game in the world

Currently various platforms have been created that cover various aspects of life to facilitate us in living everyday life. This is because the development of Blockchain Technology is growing rapidly and worldwide and is widely used in projects around the world. Those using Blockchain technology implement smart contracting systems to simplify and develop new innovations for their projects. Blockcahin-based technology projects are usually primarily in the game industry such as onlen games and so on in developing their projects. of course has a solid base now a variety of Projects already present to you even more now a very interesting and very different Onlen game that creates the latest inopasi from game game geme onlen project name is Age of Dragons with all kinds of advantages of features and adventure very real thing that you can enjoy nowlet's join us in the Age of Dragons You can be adventurous in the digital world by collecting dragons this project can give you satisfaction in how strategy play. Maybe it'll be fun for youMaybe you've started curious about this Age of Dragons project let's take a closer look at what the Age of Dragons is and what are the benefits

What is Age of Dragons

Age of Dragons, the first large-scale open game world based on blockchain technology, is about to rAge of Dragons, the first large-scale open game world based on blockchain technology, is about to release very soon. The game has very interesting dragon breeding system, abundant collection content, exciting battle, huge national war and endless adventure. Beta version of the first stage of the game will be released in April. Follow us to get The Free NGT Package! The game will use NGT (NEO Genesis Token)

GameGene’s Vision and Objective

The power of decentralization of blockchain, combined with smart contracts mechanism, will generate tremendous impetus to enable dramatic improvements in allocation and efficiency of social resources in the near future. In this booming wave, based on the huge potential that blockchain can bring to game creation, it's possible to create completely different games than ever before. A true gaming world community that gives users a whole new experience. This is the happiness and mission of game designers. The vision of GameGene Foundation is to create a new blockchain game platform based on the team’s more than 15 years of experience in development and operation of high-quality original game products, global network of partners, deep understanding of blockchain philosophy and accumulation of game developing skills. Our goal is to change the profit-driven game design mechanism, to provide innovative and revolutionary experience that traditional game design can not achieve, bring back the basic value of game play - for fun. Age of Dragons is our first game about to launch, which is a large-scale theme game world. it’s an unprecedented, self-developed, only experienced, non-repetitive and never-ending game world. Our goal is to become the first million-user-level blockchain game product to be the ecological foundation of the GameGene blockchain gaming platform.

Mision  Age of Dragons

Word Begins

The word begins,dragons are born to live,player will collect various types of dragon and bring them into battles

Dragon Wars

When the world developed into this stage,players are allowed to build state,government agencies and military.Expanding social communities to nations,and nation policies,trade between nations,war and peace are all decided by players.


In this stage,the game will introduce lands,equipments and adventures.Based on open task system which build on smart contract,players can trade everything not only items but also services.And finally,the game will generate society by players.


Final stage,the world will open to all developers,and then they are allowed to create adventures and contens to give the community a never-ending world.

Info Token

Main details

ICO start date: TBA
Program valid till: 15.04.2018
Token: Neo Genesis Token (NGT)
Total tokens supply: 20,000,000,000 NGT (20 billion)
Tokens for sale: 6,000,000,000 NGT (6 billion)
Bounty: 100,000,000 NGT (or 1.67% from total tokens for sale)
Token unit price: 0.000005 ETH
Bounty distribution
1.   Signature & Avatar Campaign – 15% +5% lucky draw
2.   Translation Campaign – 6%
3.   Content – 15%
4.   Blogs – 4%
5.   Twitter – 10%
6.   Facebook – 10%
7.   Reddit  – 10%
8.   Telegram ambassador bounty– 20%
9.   Special – 5%



 Info Team

More Info

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