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Tipper- The latest project to create an economic ecosystem

With the development of technology Blokchain which from year to year more and more interested and bring change. Already many projects are using Blokchain technology for their projects. Blockchain-based projects use ethereal-based smart contracts that allow projects to create their own crystals. As we know today the crypto currency is very popular and attracts so many people to join him. How about you ?
If you have plans to join crypto currency. Perhaps you can join in one of these new innovative projects, Tipper which is one of Blokchain-based projects with smart contracting system. Tipper plans to hold ICO and Crowdfunding. Regarding Tipper for more details will be in detail and detail and maybe Tipper can be one of your alternative options to invest
now maybe you have been curious about this Tipper project

What is Tipper?

Tipper is the ultimate evolution of the patronage model that forms the right incentives for all participants and lets them all gain monetarily in ways that change a game. In addition Tipper is a first decentralized social media platform established with two-way monetization.Tipper also creates a new world of unlimited monetization opportunities through monetization lamhsung for all social media activities, and not just video content, but all posts by all people, the two-way ecosystem of abundance and the circulation of wealth for the next generation of developing ones.

Tipper's purpose

Tipper's primary goal is to capitalize on a large amount of human energy, time and resources to create an economic ecosystem, where everyone has the opportunity of monetization at every level in one place. Where time spent online is more than just the past now. And this is a basic way of life to occupy most of human life. A large amount of energy and human resources that enter into the social media that is time, creativity, energy and money. It's all very utilized and can be used for something much larger. Where enormous energy is incorporated into social media, it needs to be transformed into economic opportunity, especially as we move further into the era of automation.

The revolutionary decentralized two-way peer-to-peer social media platform for the patron generation. Tipper. The Social Economy.

Info Token


Buy Token and get Bonus 
If someone you refer buys TIPR Tokens, you will receive 5% of the amount of tokens that person buys

1 ETH = 4,000 TIPR (ENDS MARCH 31)

 Bounty Allocation

  • Signature Bounty 25% - 375 000 Tokens
  • Translation 15% - 225 000 Tokens
  • Youtube/Blogging Bounty 20% - 300 000 Tokens
  • Facebook Bounty 15% - 225 000 Tokens
  • Twitter Bounty 15% - 225 000 Tokens
  • Telegram Bounty 10% - 150 000 Tokens


  • Roomi Sahi - Co-founder & CTO
  • Saroop Sahi - Co-founder & CEO
  • Bazid Sahi - Co-founder & CMO
  • Mumtaz Ahmad - Senior Developer (PhD)
  • Jonathan Stolle - Senior Developer (PhD)
  • Jamil Ahmed - Software Architect (Phd)
  • Munawar Ahmad - Senior Developer (PhD)
  • William Hua - Hacker | Developer (PhD Candidate)
  • Joshua Miles - Program Manager (B.ENG | MBA)
  • Naveed ul Islam - Hacker | Developer
  • Samadhan Malpure - Senior Developer
  • Robyn Knowles - Communications
  • Basil Ansari - Advocate
  • Weiyuan Wang - Asia-Pacific Liaison
  • James Leung - Program Manager
  • Mirza Tahir - Technology Advisor (PhD)
  • Zach Daniels - Advisor
  • Meredith Darden - Advisor

More Info

Website - https://www.tippereconomy.io/
Ico Website - https://www.tippereconomy.io/token/index.html
Whitepaper - lihat Whitepaper
Facebook - https://web.facebook.com/tippereconomy?_rdc=1&_rdr
Twitter - https://twitter.com/tippereconomy
Telegram - https://t.me/joinchat/HjnmdhAb4dOBxP8eaiNmoA
 Announcement - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2372636.0

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