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Legacy Lotto-Platform based on the decentralized mining drawing blockchain

Currently the sweepstakes industry and gameplay rely on sluggish, opaque and bureaucratic systems that are prone to corruption. has now come a platform solution that will become the new standard for raffle games, offering a global blockchain lottery that is supported
on the platform Ethereum Platform is called the Lotto Legacy Platform which is a community driven for reinvention lottery systems that will significantly reduce bureaucracy while improving security, efficiency and transparency
operation. This is a gameplay trading platform that offers new users betting freedom, new payment types.

let me explain in more detail about this great project

 What is Legacy Lotto?

Legacy Lotto is a blockchain based platform built on the Ethereum network grounded on the conviction that blockchain technology will radically change the antiquated ways of holding traditional lottery games.
We are proud to be a decentralized lottery that offers:
 • Ticket mining
 • Unlimited jackpots
 • Full automatization thanks to our smart contracts.


Legacy Lotto will be the first cryptocurrency that uses CPU staking to build a community-driven decentralized mining supercomputer.
Through the joint CPU power of the Legacy community we’ll mine cryptocurrencies on a difficulty basis, always seeking to optimize our resources to increase the jackpot.
Ticket mining exploits the beneficial characteristics that cryptocurrencies offer by allowing everyone to take part in lottery draws by staking CPU power and acting as nodes in our blockchain.


LGY is an ERC20 token that will be distributed once our ICO ends.  LGY token holders will have the benefit of buying Legacy Lotto tickets at a discount, having access to special lottery games, plus they will see the token price go up as jackpots increase. LGY will be minable through our website or our through the Legacy Node Extension. 60% of the ICO proceeds will go directly into the first Jackpot.

Token allocation

The LegacyLotto bounty campaign will begin on January 22, 2018 and will finish on April 20, 2018. The bounties will be paid within 30 days after the end of the Token Sale.

 Distribution of Rewards

  1. Twitter Campaign: 20% (225 ETH in token)
  2. Blogs, Articles and YouTube Campaign: 25% (281,25 ETH in token)
  3. Translation and Moderation Campaign: 10% (112,5 ETH in token)
  4. Bitcointalk Signature Campaign: 45% (506,25 ETH in token)

 Info team

 More info

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