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HELBIZ-Transportation rental service platform Using Blockchain Technology

Frequent travel to an event that is not even covered by public transportation makes us have to use other vehicle rental services, of course, many choices of vehicles and rental services that we can choose, sometimes the problems we often encounter do not know how to get the best offer that can make pockets safe and not infrequently also the quality of vehicles and services from car rental providers less meet the desires of consumers, Therefore this time I will discuss about a project service market private vehicle rental is innovative in peer to peer named project Helbiz.

Let me explain this great Project in detail.

What is the Helbiz project.

Helbiz is a Peer to Peer Market that provides car rental services such as cars, motorcycles to bikes that are affordable and comfortable. this combines the familiar approach of car sharing systems that have been very familiar in the field of transportation with the incorporation of blockchain technology. The mobility of the ecosystem will immediately provide access to individual vehicles or fleets or other transportation services. The Helbiz service model is the same as the AirBnB service that meets with Uber with full mobile control over the vehicle, revolutionizing the rental car market through a single payment system.All Helbiz Platform users will be rewarded not solely because of the rental service they provide, but also because of the data they create and share to rent their car, which can also be used to improve mobility services. The best thing from Helbiz with its system you can confirm directly to unlock and turn on the car digitally only through mobile apps thereby reducing the need for excessive communication between both parties involved as well as insurance protection therefore Helbiz will cooperate with other companies having an interest in related services this transportation mobility.

System Mobilitas Helbiz

Helbiz Mobility System is a platform based on Blockchain Ethereum and is supported by the HelbizCoin token (HBZ). Helbiz will be the first company to adopt HelbizCoin and utilize the Helbiz Mobility System, a platform that will be open to other companies with interests in mobility-related services (eg insurance companies) and willing to join the Blockchain revolution using dApps data and building (Decentralization of Applications) at over the Helbiz Mobility System.

Helbiz Mobility System will integrate multiple services into a single platform including:

  1. Explorer to find available transportation options and related services.
  2. Internal exchange to change the main crypto, such as bitcoin and Ethereal become HelbizCoin. 
  3. Built-in wallet for storing and using tokens easily. 
  4. Smart contract templates to allow vehicle owners to share their assets. 
  5. Smart contract templates for data providers to set rules and levels of rewards they are willing to offer to data owners, while the latter retain controls to cancel contracts or edit permissions. 

Benefits of Using the Helbiz Platform

This benefit will further improve mobility services with the application of Cryptocurrency will change on how we access future mobility services and HelbizCoin is ready to play a leading role in a new era of transport creating a shared economic system with data sharing, for a more equitable and transparent process due to control information and personal data are placed in the hands of each individual individual rather than the corporation providing the service.
How to work Helbiz Mobility System that is:
  •  Car Browser
    Access to mobile apps to search for available vehicles nearby.
  • Verification
    The system will guide you through verifying your digital identity. At the same time, the owner of the fleet must also be sure of its identity.
  •  Driving
    Once the terms and conditions have been agreed and the smart contract has been verified, your smartphone will have remote lock access.
  • Payment
    Payments for services will be deducted directly from your digital wallet and will be transferred to the vehicle owner at the end of the trip.

High Level Architecture Helbiz Mobility Platform


Detail Token Helbiz

 The earliest generation of HelbizCoin is programmed by smart contracts that run on Ethereal and will be distributed as follows:
  1.  4% HBZ Token (40M): will be sold during pre-sale and will be transferable when crowdsale ends. 
  2. 48% HBZ Token (480M): will be sold during crowdsale and will be transferable when crowdsale ends. 
  3. 10% HBZ Token (100M): will be allocated to the team and will be lent for 12 months. 
  4. 10% token HBZ (100M): will be allocated to initial supporters and advisors who have contributed to the success of the project. 
  5. 25% token HBZ (250M): will be allocated to the User Growth Fund to provide incentives on the use of HelbizCoin and the ecosystem bootstrap. 
  6. 3% HBZ token (30M): will be used to create reward program. Unused tokens will be reallocated to User Growth funds.

Token  Sales Helbiz "HBZ"

To further develop the platform, Helbiz will make a token sale called "HBZ" and will offer 520,000,000 HBZ tokens from a total supply of 1 billion. The accumulated funds will be used for the development of the Helbiz platform, business development, new car owner orientation, leasing, dealers, collaborating with insurance and PR firms and Marketing to raise project awareness, token utility while building strong local communities. sales have started on February 15th and will end until March 04, 2018 or until token sales reach maximal.

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