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Galaxy eSolutions -innovation in business To improve the quality of electronic products

technology and growing companies will provide a good boost for quality improvement in an ever-expanding effort.
In the development of global e-commerce technology will have a better acceleration rate. To create a comfortable product launch, quality, quantity and security to be more qualified than that now has been present a recent innovation in an effort to improve the quality of electronic products such as smartphones named project named eSolutions Galaxy. whose level of sales reaches the market through wider interaction and global markets.

let me explain about this good project

What is  Galaxy eSolutions

is a global eCommerce ecosystem with fast growth and real traction, reaching near 20M USD sales within its first year of operation.

Its vision is to fully integrate blockchain and evolve into a hybrid ecosystem with marketplace platform, so as to resolve the several pain points in the multi-billion preowned and refurbished electronics industry.

How it works  Galaxy eSolutions

GES operates as an open source ecosystem, incorporating hybrid P2P blocking to the telephone trading site — MobileFreak — under development for this special integration. It will work as C2B and B2B, where individual consumers and businesses can trade with other businesses. The blockchain platform here will be used to record item details to authenticate them, logistics for easy tracking of shipment and delivery, and secure transactions. It will also help reduce supply chain inefficiencies, and help the supplier’s confidence and credibility issues.

Project Objectives

 Galaxy eSolutions aims to create a global market for refurbished, second-hand smartphones and other consumer electronics. The company repairs and cleans used second-hand consumer electronics, and then sells this electronics for online discount rates. All business processes are managed by Galaxy eSolutions. They do not cooperate with the restorer company to handle the phones, nor do they cooperate with the online store. Instead, all the work is done by the company itself. The Galaxy eSolutions platform revolves around the use of GES tokens, which are a form of utility tokens created for the GES ICO.

Token Ges

 GES Token is a form of a utility token created for Initial Coins GES Offer (ICO), which is also called Crowdsale, and to purchase it required Ether. Ether is the cryptocurrency of the Ethereal network. Tokens can then be used instead of Ether or to purchase products from our current NDBD e-commerce site and our new GES site in the future.

  • Token Price: 1ETH = 10,000 GES Tokens.
    Min. 0.1 ETH.
  • Maximum Supply: 300M with unsold tokens burned.
  • Market Buyback: 20% quarterly profit used on quarterly buyback with 50% burned.
  • Token Value Protection: GES to buy back in stages as long as market price falls below listed price.
  • Token Usage: Tokens can be used in ecosystem for services and products (5% of purchases will be credited monthly in GES token).

Token Boosts (20% minimum for ALL in view of recent ETH surge, a goodwill from GES):
20% 0.1 to 49ETH
25% 50 to 99ETH
30% 100 to 249ETH
35% 250 to 499ETH
40% 500 to 999ETH
45% 1000 to 2499ETH
50% 2500ETH and abov

 Achievements from GES include:

  1.     Achieve nearly 2 million USD monthly sales within 9 months.
  2.     Reach the monthly operational breakeven point in August 2017.
  3.     Projected to achieve 120M sales by 2018.
  4.     Exclusive partnership with Apple and Samsung licensed repair factory

GES has advantages in several areas, including: 

  1. Branding
    Galaxy eSolutions uses their own brands to build consistent consumer expectations across products. This will encourage repeat purchases as customers realize that Galaxy eSolutions is a trusted rejuvenation provider
  2. Price
    Galaxy eSolutions emphasizes lower costs through control at every stage of the restoration process. They have a repair factory, and they process all the retail transactions themselves. This means they control the price and quality
  3. Speed ​​to Market
    Galaxy eSolutions promises to get consumer electronics to the market faster than its competitors. Because the company controls the entire supply chain, the company fully controls all necessary processes before reaching the market. Galaxy eSolutions does not need to wait for third party suppliers or third-party restoration company.
  4. Warranty
    Galaxy eSolutions has a 13-month warranty for all electronics sold through their restoration program, an inimitable warranty for professionally updated appliances.

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