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Foxtrading-trading platform solutions for the best investment

    Today there are many platforms present in the middle of our lives that offer a variety of interesting and useful features. This is due to the rapid development of Blockchain technology. trutama in the field of investment
for example, want to trade investment in a project that dance and profitable for you
maybe you can choose fox trading is the right solution to solve the problem if you want to know more bnyak about what is fox trading now I will explain more details
What is Fox Signal? Where can I find more information about you?


Fox Trading Detail

What is Fox Signal? Where can I find more information about you?

 Fox Signals is a fully functional company that has developed a successful project for 2 years. You can see more about our performance on the Fox Signals site or on Twitter social media; Facebook and Instagram

Why do developers decide to evolve into cryptoworld?

The main reason for Binary Options is lost because the broker is unfair, but we are also motivated because most users are currently requesting changes to Forex and Crypto trading. Finally we are confident because of the large selection of Blockchain technology and low transaction costs.

What are the advantages of trading with an automated system?

Trading with the Autotrading platform provides greater benefits than independent trading, a stable trading system without monitoring and also removes psychological effects.

How does the Fox Trading algorithm work?

Fox Trading algorithm is made by programmers and traders, based on 2 years results in the forex industry, which has been updated and tailored to Forex and Crypto trading. We now have BETA versions of robots based on MetaTrader 4 and programmed in mql4.

How will my investment grow?

Investments of Fox Trading contributors will grow with three main points, deflationary currency and investors interested in receiving profits from the Trading Pool, which will create low bids, and the huge demand generated by new investors interested in participating in the Fox Trading Platform is needed to buy tokens.

What are the main points of this project?

 All contributors of Fox Trading will receive directly after the development of an exclusive trading signal project, a percentage of the benefits of a monthly Trading Pool without adding additional investments and, last but not least, they are likely to use Autotrading services to copy Fox Trading investments. in their account and receive 100% profit.

How can I invest in Fox Trading?

 You can buy tokens on the dash after registration and access to your personal account. You have to give us your first etereum wallet where you will send ETH, this wallet DOES NOT REQUIRED from a stock exchange, in which case you can lose Fox Trading token. it will be used to verify your transaction and activate your Fox Trading account when ICO is complete. After you send Ethereum to the Crowdsale Contract address, you will automatically receive Fox Trading token in your wallet.

When will Fox Trading token be transferable?

You will automatically receive Fox Trading token into your wallet after you send ETH to the Crowdsale Contract address. However, Fox Trading token will not be transferable until ICO expires. Do not send it or you will lose it.

When will Fox Trading token be listed on the Exchange?

 One of the team's priorities is to include Fox Trading token on most exchanges! Social media will be updated once we have a new deal with the exchange. We do not expect problems on the list because we have the ERC20 structure that is common in most exchanges.

SOFTCAP: $500,000
HARDCAP: $4,500,000

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Introducing FOXT

Fox Trading Token (FOXT) is an UTILITY token based on Ethereum Blockchain using standard ERC-20 contracts with a final price of $0.68.

The token will give investors direct access to future Fox Trading services, and will be necessary to purchase products on the platform (indicators, robots, guides…). In addition to ICO investors can recover initial investment from the Trading Pool profits.

Unsold tokens during the ICO will be burned, and going forward, Fox Trading will use this function to burn tokens periodically, creating a deflationary currency and ensuring value increase for our investors. Additionally, the percentage burned of the token sale will also be matched with other allocations (exception of the Company Reserve, used to provide liquidity and guarantee access to future users, and Trading Pool, in benefit of the contributors) to balance its distribution.


Exclusive and lifetime access

ICO investors will have permanent and FREE access to the Fox Trading platform as long as they hold the tokens, receiving trading signals, Trading Pool profits equalt to their investments and the autotrading.

The service will have a limited number of users to maximise robot performance and profits, dependent on the number of tokens sold during the ICO. All unsold tokens will be burned. 

Increased Token Demand

Based on our experience with Fox Binary Signals, we have determined that interest in our trading algorithm increases every month linked to it’s profitability. Additionally, new users will need to purchase tokens to gain access to services and current users will need to hold it to keep the lifetime access. All these points combined create an unstoppable demand and drive up the price of the FOXT token. 

Deflationary token

After every payment of FOXT tokens made on the Fox Trading platform by new users, a small amount of those tokens will be burned, making the Fox Trading Token a deflationary currency.

This mechanism ensures the growth of Fox Trading token value which will incentivize long-term holding of the currency by investors.

Info Token Distribution

The total Fox Trading tokens supply is 10,000,000.
  1. 70% of the tokens allocated to the investors (7,000,000 FOXT)
  2. 15% for developers and company reserve (1,500,000 FOXT)
  3. 10% for rewarding advisors (1,000,000 FOXT)
  4. 5% is used on Bounty program and marketing (500,000 FOXT)

Info Token Sale


Token Sale Stages

Early investors are rewarded, but the bonuses are low and only limited tokens available to avoid low average price. Tokens allocated during the ICO phases will be sold as follows:

PRESALE - 7th February 2018
In this phase 4,500,000 Tokens are available at 50% Bonus totalling $1.5M. The initial period for the Presale is 4 weeks, the Main sale will start at the end of this period or immediately if all tokens from this phase are sold.

MAIN SALE - 12th March 2018 or at the end of PRESALE
Consists of three stages each offering 1,000,000 tokens with a decreasing bonus and lasting a maximum of one week. Unsold tokens on previous stages are available in the final stage with no bonus applicable. 

 Info Fox Trading 


Join our bounty program today and earn an amazing 20% of all tokens purchased by your referred friends or family to Fox Trading ICO!

Also, earn tokens following us on social media, sharing posts, writing articles or helping us on translation campaigns.


 Info Team

More Info

Website  ; https://foxtrading.io/
ANN Thread ; https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2822026
Twitter ; https://twitter.com/foxtradingfx
Facebook ; https://web.facebook.com/foxtradingsignals?_rdc=1&_rdr
Whitepaper ; https://foxtrading.io/doc/FoxTrading-Whitepaper_EN.pdf 

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