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Exenium is a fully functional cryptocurrency exchange

Currently Crypto is very popular, This is because the development of Blockhain technology that began in use around the world. This can be seen from the various Blockchain-based projects that have emerged beginning to develop their own crypto for their project. Using the smart contract system provides ease and progress for future projects. Along with popularity, turnover also grew significantly, such as buying and selling crypto currency for fiat money, and cash exchange against each other.

Are you a person who loves trading on a crypto exchange? As a trader you should know some of the following reviews. about the exchanges that exist at this time to meet the needs of the market as our container to trade various crypto. But as we know now the average trading place is different from the others. with interesting features and easy to understand and secure security But behind it all know you have now come crypto exchange by giving you convenience and ease for transaction. The name of this site is Exenium. You must be curious How Exenium works and what distinguishes it from other trading sites. About Exenium I will explain in full and detail. Hopefully Exenium can be one of your choices in choosing a good investment, because Exenium will hold ICO and Crowdfunding events.

What is Exenium

 Exenium is the latest platform to create a digital currency market with great security convenience and attractive features and complete with fast delivery blockchain technology in all digital currencies

How Exenium solves the issues of the ITO/ICO

Exenium is a multi-platform cryptocurrency exchange, a marketplace to buy and sell
cryptocurrencies. Exenium’s goal is to provide liquidity to its own token. Token holders will beable to pay for all services of the Exenium platform, with the spent tokens being withdrawn from circulation i.e. “burned”. This will provide an intrinsic mechanism for the increase of the token’s capitalization, as well as the ability to influence the price of the 
token throughout the entire period of circulation, with little regard to the behavior of traders.
Problems faced by Cryptocurrency Exchanges
Currently, there many difficulties encountered by the participants of the cryptocurrency market, such as

The Exenium Platform and its features

Exenium is not just a platform for buying and selling cryptocurrency, it also contains a full set of tools for fund managers, working with a multi-currency crypto portfolio.Our main goal is to create a service that meets all the needs of the modern cryptocurrency
market, specifically

Scheme of the platform architecture:

Our team is constantly at work to support and develop the platform, adding new features and improving already existing ones, as well as attracting new customers through the most effective advertising channels.

EXENIUM is a fully functional cryptocurrency exchange implemented as a chat-bot for the most popular messengers:

Info Token

  • Ethereum week Bonus +75% 14 - 20 FEB
  • Early Birds stage Bonus +50% – 21 - 23 FEB
  • 2 stage Bonus +35% 24 FEB - 02 MAR
  • 3 stage Bonus +30% 03 MAR - 11 MAR
  • 4 stage Bonus +25% 12 MAR - 18 MAR
  • LAST stage Bonus +20% – 19 MAR - 25 MAR
  • Welcome Bonus – 0.2 XNT + 0.8 XNTB bonus for registering on the platform
  • Referral Bonus – Bonus for participation in the referral program, 10% of each purchase by the referred person who registered with the referral link

Token Allocation 


Bounty Campaigns Distribution

  • 35%: Social Media campaigns
  • 25%: Bitcointalk campaigns
  • 15%: Blogging / Videos campaigns
  • 10%: Meetup campaign
  • 3%: Newsletter campaign
  • 12%; Others
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