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Dragon coin-the best casino game in the world


In the Casino world, especially in Asia, it is typical of rollers or groups of high gamblers, depending on the junkets to organize their gaming visits. High rollers may want to access VIP games for a minimum of $ 1 million or more. Junket will be risking this high roller and collecting money plus other arrangements and facilities. In a place like Macau, which is the only gambling area in China, most of the money goes in from this Junket and there are many licensed operators working with Casinos to smooth the big money process to fight for their money.

If you have dozens, or maybe hundreds, of high rollers that are valued at a certain time that has a lot of money to shake. If you fly to Macau to gamble you need to. Say you are lucky and win big. How do you get back home? This is where Junkets comes in for risking money on this high roller. The money really never moves anywhere, but the cost of doing this can be about 5% of the total amount which is a significant cost - even for the rich people.

there is now a new innovation in the world of Blockchain that may provide the best solution of all the problems you face which this project can benefit you because it will be very good, this project called Dragon Coin is a new Casino for you to get faster profits,

"Okay maybe you want to know more about this Dragon Coin project"I'll explain in more detail

What is Dragon Coin

Dragon Coin is a digital currency that wants to change the gambling industry from Macau and its surroundings. The game is a legitimate industry-sometimes attracting some dubious characters - as we all know. This is a huge global business generating over $ 300 billion in profits last year alone. That number is expected to rise .

Dragon Coin, or DRG, is the ERC20 / Ethereum Utility token used to participate in the Dragon's Blockchain ecosystem. The DRG Token will initially be purchased through the sale of our tokens, and subsequently on the cardiac crypto exchange, by investors & casino players to participate in the Casino using Dragon's Blockchain facility run by Dragon partner addicts.

DRG tokens are exchanged with DGC (Dragon Global Chips), cryptocurrency game chips, in casinos that allow both players and casinos to take advantage of transparency and add Blockchain security.Dragon Coin will act as an unlimited, inexpensive and transparent alternative financial mechanism within the casino, to improve the ancient game industry. With his expertise in blockchain technology, Dragon's goal is to revolutionize the old gaming industry while leveraging its roots in the industry, as well as all members of the community joining in on the journey to achieve the Dragon Coin goal.Junket Carriers Bring In Wealth

Junkets accounts for most of this revenue increase. In Macau, casinos have traditionally teamed up with junket operators to present VIP gamers. Many of these rich VIP gamers are from overseas and they arrive in Macau to play games because they are interested in the travel promotions and luxury accommodations offered by junket operators. This rich gamer accounts for most of the revenue for the Macau casino.

Platform Token Dragon

  • Buying, Selling and Converting DRG
    Upon completion of the Token Sale, DRG may be purchased with fiat money or BTC, ETH, XRP, LTH, through any crypto of industry partners acknowledged directly or directly through the in-house Dragon Exchange.
  • Social Purse
    Members of the Dragon Community, similar to AML / KYC freed individuals and registered with Dragon as the account holder, are entitled to use the full functionality of Dragon's advanced smartphones? Socialated Wallet 'which will help them visualize the amount of DRG, DGC and other forms of digital value tokens stored securely in their Dragon accounts in the ethereum blockade. Dragon Wallet will fully support the implementation of DRG and DGC.
  • DRG and BTC / Alt Coins
    The Dragon Platform and Dragon Community wallet will support DRG dragging and cross-converting to BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC plus other major digital currencies in the future.
  •  Dragon debit card
    Each Dragon member may elect to receive a physical Dragon multi-currency debit card connecting their Dragon account to the ATM network and the global MasterCard / Visa vendor.
  • Global Cash Machine
    The platform will connect to Global Cash Machines (GCM) network, allowing members to use their Dragon debit card to withdraw cash by changing the digital value stored in their account wallet (whether held as DRG, BTC, ETH, XRP or LTC). Members can also deposit money into their wallets at GCM.

How DRAGON work?

Purchase DRG from an Exchange

A Player purchases our DRG ERC20 Token from a Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Exchange DRG for DGC

The DRG ERC20 Tokens are then exchanged for DGC (Dragon Global Chips) at our partner Casinos & Junkets, to be used in the Casino.


Winnings that are paid out to the Player can be converted back to DRG, another cryptocurrency or the Player has the option of receiving a pay-out in FIAT.

Supply Burn

A portion of the profits are used to buy-back DRG tokens, and burn them to reduce the total supply.

A portion of the profits are used to buy-back DRG tokens, and burn them to reduce the total supply.
Dragon Coin, or DRG, is the ERC20 Utility Token built on the strength of the Ethereal Blockchain.

Info Token

  • Token Name : DRG
  • Total token: 500,000,000
  • Type of the token: ERC20
  • Sales time: December 8, 2017-31 December 2017, 12:00 (Macau time)
  • Percentage held by the founder: 10%
  • Percentage of advisers: 1%
  • Interest held by the Treasury: 7%
  • Percentage held by Stocks: 10%
  • Percentage of sales through a token Sale: 72%

Info Team

Chris Ahmad – Founder & CEO
Paul Moynan – founder
Panchat Chayutthana – Director of Business Development and Finance
Yobie Benjamin – CTO

Nick Spanos – Banking in Bitcoin
Dean Cannell – CoinFabric
Las Ho Choi – Experienced Junket Operator
Vlatko Gigov – Blockchain Token Economics
Christopher Cannucciari – Bitcoin Banking
Dean Anastos – BlockchainDevelopers.org
Abdul Qaiyoom – Risk Expert & Block Expert
Samuel McCulloch – SmartICOInvestor.com
Max Garza – Research & Development Blockchain

More Info

 ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2524680

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