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Drago coin -Game Industry Revolution in the city of Macau


This year we also saw some ICOs focusing on the gaming industry. There are ICOs for decentralized casinos, dice games in blockchain, decentralized lotteries and Esports games. But all these ICOs focus on online games and nobody really tries to solve today's problems facing real-world casinos.

Therefore I would like to introduce Dragon Coin, which wants to collect more than $ 400 million, will implement blockchain technology to the industry.

let me explain what is Dragon Coin

Dragon Coin or DRG is the ERC20 / Ethereum Utility token used to participate in the Blockchain Dragon ecosystem. The DRG current will initially be purchased through the sale of our tokens and then on the crypt market, investors and casino players to participate in the Casino using Dragon's Blockchain facility run by addicts who are addicted to Dragon.

Dragon Coin will act as an unlimited, inexpensive and transparent alternative financial mechanism within the casino to improve the ancient game industry. Thanks to his experience in blockchain technology, Dragon's goal is a revolution in the old gaming industry, as well as the use of its roots in the industry, as well as all community members who join the path to achieving the goal of Dragon Coin.

Casino operations in Macau are big business and revenue grows steadily. In October 2017, gross gaming revenue increased 22.1 percent to $ 3.3 billion (Data from the Macau Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau). This is a huge market and analysts expect 2018 gaming revenue of $ 36 billion, according to the median forecast in a survey compiled by Bloomberg.

Junket Carriers Bring In Wealth

Junkets accounts for most of this revenue increase. In Macau, casinos have traditionally teamed up with junket operators to present VIP gamers. Many of these rich VIP gamers are from overseas and they arrive in Macau to play games because they are interested in the travel promotions and luxury accommodations offered by junket operators. This rich gamer accounts for most of the revenue for the Macau casino.


Large Transactional Costs in the Industry

But there are many hidden costs that affect junket operators as well as rich gamers. When these gamers are ready to play in the VIP junket in Macau, junket operators will set up stake money for gamers. VIP gamers are not a small bet and this could mean millions of people being torn apart by junket operators, who must vouch for gamers. It is typical that junket operators have to pay about 5% to cover financing and credit costs.

After winning the match, VIP gamers will be required to transfer their victory back to their country. This transfer of victory will require the agent to facilitate cross-border transfers and will charge gamers about 5% to 7% of his winnings.

Dragon Platform

Dragon Inc. intends to create a platform (known as Dragon Platform) along with the Dragon Coin DRC ERC20 which can be interchangeable with other major fiat and crypto. This will facilitate funds transfer for games by VIP gamers. Dragon Inc. also recognizes that DRG values ​​can fluctuate with inherent crypto volatility. Therefore Dragon Inc will also create a family token utility Dragon Global Chips DGC. The first DGC in the family will be a DGC-HK with a value of 1 DGC-HK = HK $ 1.00. All DGCs are made to be pegged to a particular fiat currency so as to facilitate the exchange of physical game chips in Dragon Junket or game place affiliated with Dragon.

By exchanging DRG to DRC and returning to DRG, as well as the ease of converting DRG to other fiat and / or crypto, junket operators and VIP gamers will be able to reduce their credit and transfer costs. This will encourage junket operations even higher because junket operators will be able to provide better incentives and promotions to attract VIP gamers to Macau.
Up to now Dragon Inc has got the support of 4 key junket partners to join Dragon Inc as an affiliate affiliated with Dragon by the end of 2018. This junket operator will attract thousands of rich gamers to Dragon-operated junkets or affiliated venues with Dragon. Of the more than $ 400 million to be raised, the junket operator has made $ 265 million for the project, making up 53% of Dragon Coins's total supply.

Info token details token allocation


Road map

December 2016
Ideas and the concept of development The idea of ​​the Dragon was forged in December 2016 at a round table between the founder of Dragon & Junket head. The system for the application of the Dragon is quickly conceptualized, and commitment begins.

June 2017
The first strategic partners In June 2017, after the concept was properly documented, our first strategic partnership was formed in Casinos & Junkets in Asia.

August 2017
Initial public launch In Macau, August 2017, Dragon has the first public appearance in which hundreds of experts from Blockchain and Token Sale from around the world update and verify the project.

November 2017
Our personal pre-sale sale earned more than $ 20 million through private investors and institutions!

December 2017
The launch of Pre-ICOPreICO started on December 8 and will continue until December 31, 2017.

January 2018
The list on Stock & First Launch of Junkets and Casino is launched In January 2018, Dragon will be represented on several exchanges before launching our first Junkets in the Chinese New Year!

February 2018
Public CrowdsaleCrowdsale Our audience was launched in February 2018 after our first Junkets in full flight!

Q2 2018
Launch in Macau. When we successfully conducted experiments with Dragon Blockchain in our first casino, we will expand our full operations to Macau, the largest casino market in Asia.

Info Team

More Info

ANN THREAD : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2524680.new#new
FACEBOOK : http://www.facebook.com/dragoncoin.online
TELEGRAM : https://t.me/joinchat/FSgY4RI3tNfalmD2sbIZRg
TWITTER : http://twitter.com/DragonCoin
WEBSITE : https://www.drgtoken.io/
WHITEPAPER : https://s3.amazonaws.com/drg-token/Whitepaper-Dragon.pdf
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