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AKAIITO- Crypto paradigm ebay framework for users.

With the development of Blokchain technology which from year to year more and more interested and bring change for the world. Already many projects are using Blokchain technology for their projects. This blockchain-based project uses ether-based smart contracts that allow projects to create their own new digital currencies. As we know today, crypto currency is very popular and attracts so many people to join it. How about you ?

if you have the intention of it may be you can choose Akaito project because maybe akaito will be a successful project and can give you the advantage do not forget to join this big project


AKAIITO is complex of platforms united in one resource, which is allowing to live in real world by using new currency – cryptocurrency. This is unique opportunity to buy goods, to rent cars and apartments, to use different services and help of specialists from nanny to lawyers, by using crypto money.

The purpose of the AKAIITO project

The goal is to provide something for the user, something never offered before, some ideas that have been worked on for months, perhaps centuries. Currency Crypto has incorporated all the corners of our lives, which help us all and transform an important part of our daily lives.

AKAIITO’s Market Capitalization

The platform does not only offer convenience and full integration of cryptocurrency to traditional currency system. It also offers a superior market capitalization efforts. With market capitalization that is consistently growing, digital assets are capable of reaching rates as high as it is now. However, its efficiency has always been questioned. With AKAIITO, this is set to change. When it comes to market capitalization, AKAIITO provides services as listed in the following section:
  • Every user is offered the opportunity to create their own personal account and equips it with seller cabinet for product exposure.
  • Users are allowed to sell any unit with retail selling of as much as 10 AIC.
  • Those who wish to sell items priced above 10 AIC may do so after they improve their ratings. To do so, they must obtain positive review on each of closed deals and confirmed purchases. Each review must get scores of at least 7 out of 10.
  • Those who obtain five positive scores of at least 7 points are given the opportunity to sell more expensive goods with an increment of 5 AIC to the standard price.


Cryptocurrencies experienced a tremendous surge. I do not know how many articles and reviews written about this great money. Regardless of the pros and cons, cryptocurrencies have been really real. Demanding to make a real New World. Of the millions of crypto users only 0.5% can actually use it. This number has not included the number of users of cryptocurrencies from some countries that still prohibit the use of cryptocurrencies.

As the growing number of users of cryptocurrencies in the world, the financial transaction model also begins to show the direction of change towards cryptocurrencies. Although some countries still prohibit their citizens from transacting the use of cryptocurrencies, but in reality they are planning to create a digital currency by learning about Blockchain technology. Not cryptocurrency but digital currency (they say).

Whatever term they use for the exchange tool they will create is surely this is a fact that shows that they have in fact realized that the World requires them to move forward and change.

Changed from fiat or physical money, changed from Bank system transactions, notes etc. all of which are losing a step behind the underlying Blockchain cryptocurrencies.

Akaiito. A new idea to go forward with cryptocurrencies. Akaiito is determined to bring change to move forward and change. Akaiito realizes the progress and is accompanied by innovative steps to deal with it. Akaiito will be a liaison container among users of cryptocurrencies. In Akaiito, users can do all their financial activities. Online selling / Online Market (this will take precedence by Akaiito), leasing apartments, cars, services and services among users.

Here are some reasons why AKAIITO should be an option?

1. All In One - The unique AKAIITO project. The AKAIITO platform will unite in itself all what is required for the effective and convenient use of cryptocurrencies. No doubt, that there are many good applications around, which are meant to be used cryptocurrency in real life. What we want is to have all possible "must have" sections available at a distance of just one click. large communities use one of these powerful platforms - this is our goal and vision.

2. Safe Shopping - Opportunity to review. Each user can affect the reputation of other users by leaving a review or score, but only after the deal is closed. The Smart contract will follow the interests of both parts of the deal. - When purchasing a payment token will be ordered. - When the product is submitted by the buyer, by scanning the QR code, which confirms that he / she gets the shipment and the deal can be successfully closed. After the token is transferred to the seller. This function guarantees the purity of the agreement.

3. Low Commission - Commission only 3%. Of those 3%, will return for 1% buyers on AIC by the money back system. So, basically the commission is only 2%.

4. Cash Back - Stimulate the reward program, when 1% of the total purchase amount will be returned to the buyer after the deal closes. Each buyer, who has confirmed the deal and the seller's review will recover 1% of the total purchase amount. For example: John buys a product for 15 AICs. After this deal ends, John will return to his wallet 1% of the total purchase amount = 0.15 AIC.
AKAIITO uses Safety Certificate Technology (SSL) - Safety Technology for encryption between server and browser. Smart Contract - https://github.com/AkaiitoOfficial/AKAIITO . P2P - Decentralization model of the communication model, when every part of the contract / agreement has the same rights and each section can start a communication session. Decentralization - The process of distributing and distributing functions, power, people or goods without a central location or power. Available for Mobile - The AKAIITO platform will be available not only on your computer but also the applications in your phone, what makes the platform comfortable, flexible and easy to use. You can sign in to the system at any time with just a phone. AKAIITO will always be affordable in just one click.

Info Token

The Akaiito platform token sale is divided into its pre-ICO and main ICO token sales. The highlight of its sales starts with its pre-ICO sale with details below:
Bonus runs for 2 weeks exclusively at a plus (+) sixty percent (60%) marginal value increase. Hence, token offers stands at Tokens value of 1,000 000 with the AIC Price of one Ethereum (1ETH = 1000 AIC). The minimum (Min) Purchase stands at five (5AIC) or 0,005ETH). The Pre-ICO sale starts by 12.02.2018 and relatively Ends on the 25.02.2018.

The Main ICO sales details are sequenced as follows below with Valid only for ICO stated by the Akaiito team. Hence the First 48hrs attracts a fourty percent plus(+40%) as its first (1st) week. An additional thirty percent plus (+30%) is released in the second (2nd)week at a bonus share of AIC token for twenty percent plus (+20%) rate. The third week (3rd) attracts a ten percentage plus (+10%) increase for token purchases. Subsequently the fourth(4th) week adds a ratio of five (+5%) percent increase with the fifth week of 5th zero percent bonus 0+%. Akaiito also offers its big deals Valid for Pre ICO and ICO. The Ethereum Bonus ranges from %10-501,%51-1002%,101-1503%,151-2005%,201-3008%,
301-100010%,1001-150015%,and 1500+20% respectively.

Token Sale Live

Initial Price: 1000 AIC = 1 ETH
1 ETH = 1000 AIC + 280 AIC (Bonus +28%)

Tokens Sold:

570 785 AIC / 800 000 AIC


Akaiito – use cryptocurrency
in everyday life”

Road map


Info Team

  • Sergey Brek
  • Vladislav Garbuzenko
  • Ksenia Deina
  • Katja Krolova
  • Serhii Yelchenko
  • Eduard Shultzik
  • Denis Kanavin
  • Aleksandr Rakutin
  • Dmitriy Polozkov
  • Andrei TÅ¡erednik
  • Tamara Bazylko
  • Muhammad Netto
  • Zahar Deina
  • Bohdan Novikov
  • Alexandr Karmyzov


  • Francesco Redaelli
  • Deniss BoroditÅ¡
  • Filip Poutintsev
  • Romain Girbal
  • Thibault Launay
  • Victor Chow

Press & Partners

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