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GIMMER-automated cryptocurrency trading


What is a GIMMER?

Gimmer is the creation of both intrigue and frustration. It started when two  friends – both blockchain enthusiasts – decided to look into cryptocurrency  trading. However, the further they looked, the more confusing it became. The barriers to entry were huge and the learning curve was even bigger.With backgrounds in User Experience Design and Full Stack Development, they had the vision to make an automated cryptocurrency trading platform that anyone could use.

 There are already a number of automated trading robot platforms, but they are very complex to use and hard to understand. They require exchanging deep programming knowledge and programming skills, which are new and alienated clients that take time to get more experienced traders. Gimmer solves this problem, which is fast and easy to install without a thorough knowledge of the negotiation skills or programming required.

Our goal is to provide the best available cryptographic trading platform and easy to use and accessible to all customers regardless of their history or trading experience. With Gimmer, you do not have to be an expert trader or programmer. connect to client and client cryptographic exchange accounts, then use advanced algorithmic bot to negotiate on behalf of clients on parameters specified by clients. Bots do not need any programming skills, no prior trading experience and no in-depth knowledge required Crypto Gimmer is suitable for anyone who wants to trade and invest in cryptocurrency markets and who have no expertise. or time for anyone

How Gimmer works

In a market that never sleeps, experienced traders and crypto-enthusiasts no longer need to be chained to their screen 24/7 monitoring exchanges. Now, they can quickly and easily create trading strategies and have their own team of Gimmer trading bots doing all the buying and selling for them. Gimmer’s trading
bots are configured through a simple point and select interface so you don’t need to learn any programming or any new skills to create your strategy.

We have made the registration process quick and easy. Since the Gimmer does not hold any currency, we do not need to perform long identification checks, so customers can get up and running in minutes. Just create your account, verify your email address, download the app, and follow step by step instructions to sync Gimmer with your Ethereum address and your trading account by entering two API keys.

The purpose of the project

The purpose of this project is to provide the best and automatic cryptocurrency trading platform available in blockchain. And this one is fast and easy to use and can be accessed by all customers, no matter their background or their experience.
With this Gimmer you do not have to be an expert trader or know any programming. At Grimmer only connect on the customer exchange account of cryptocurrency and then use advanced algorithmic trading bot to make trades on behalf of the customer on the parameters that the customer has set. Bots do not require any programming skills, no previous trading experience and no deep knowledge of the required cryptocurrency. Grimmer is perfect for anyone who wants to trade and invest in the cryptocurrency market and has no relevant skills or time to watch the market all day.

Gimmer Tokens

The Gimmer ecosystem has its own form of currency called Gimmer Tokens (GMR).
Every purchase, rental, sale, exchange, reward or fee made in the ecosystem will
require the use of GMR Tokens. This includes, but not limited too:

• Baying for the rental of crypto-trading, crypto-lending and crypto-arbitrage bots
• Customising your trading strategy with additional currency pairs, indicators and safeties
• Renting trading strategies from other customers
• Earning GMR tokens for creating content in Gimmer’s integrated social network
• As a reward for expanding the Gimmer community by inviting friends
• As a reward for featuring in the community ‘Best Bot’ leaderboard
• Holding GMR tokens in your Ethereum wallet in order to use a basic version of your desired
  trading bot for free



  • Pérsio Flexa - CTO
  • Philipe Comini - CEO
  • Paul Lindsell - COO
  • Arrykrishna M. - Data scientist & ML enthusiast
  • Lucas Assis - Full stack Developer & Crypto Trader
  • William Xavier - Full stack Developer & Crypto Trader
  • JR Mascarin - Commercial Director Europe
  • Masaichi Hasegawa - Commercial Director Asia
  • Michel Comini - Marketing Director
  • Olga Rusakova - Head of PR (Russia)
  • Rok Gorjan - Bounty & Community Manager
  • Evgheny Turvinenko - Head of ICO Strategy (Russia)
  • Benjamin Vitáris - Journalist
  • JG Mascarin - Customer Researcher
  • Beatriz Marques - Community Manager
  • Lex Sokolin - Fintech, Futurism and Autonomous research
  • Marcus Killick - DLT Regulations and Legal Adviser
  • Jitendra Chittoda - Smart Contract Security Adviser
  • Eleanor Barlow - Fintech, Business Strategy and Operational innovation
  • Aman Sanduja - Crypto Trader and Blockchain speaker
  • Harsh Jani - Blockchain Growth Hacking and ICO Marketing

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