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VINCHAIN - Selling cars with the world's first blockchain technology

     Today various platforms have been created that cover various aspects of life in order to facilitate us in living everyday life. This happens because the development of Blockchain Technology is growing rapidly and worldwide and is widely used in projects in the world. Those who use Blockchain technology implement smart contracting systems to simplify and cultivate new innovations for their projects.Blockchain-based projects usually hold Crowdfunding to develop their projects. And there have been many successful projects from the ICO program. Talking about the current ICO has come a new project based on Blockchain that creates a platform that will be a solution to the problem of transportation industry such as Mobil and various other problems this project called VinchainOf course before you invest in an ICO event you must know the project completely and what benefits will be given in giving and how strategy and Timnya.Mengenai it will I paparka about Vinchain is complete and detailed. And hopefully Vinchain Could be one of the alternatives of your choice in investing.

We introduce One of the industries that are developing a project about buying and selling vehicles by understanding the history of vehicles that want to transact it is VINCHAIN.


VinChain is a blockchain database that records all information related to the vehicle. For each vehicle, information accumulated during this usage period is transparent and easily accessible to everyone. The VinChain project solves the asymmetric information problem in secondhand vehicles by creating decentralized, unchanged, transparent, secure , and reliable recycling vehicles.


Changing the global market of used cars by making it honest, transparent,
reliable and with equal access to information for each participant.

There are some VinChain project objectives that you should know about:
  1. Create blocks with different levels of access and information protection. Data security should be in accordance with the needs of government agencies 
  2. Unite participants in the automotive industry, such as manufacturers, insurance companies, dealers, workshops, navigation system developers, into a single ecosystem for the purpose of data exchange 
  3. Create infrastructure and provide direct access to the database of every market participant

VinChain App

The VinChain app will make the usage of your vehicle as safe as possible with deep analytics, behavioral analysis, and diagnostic monitoring so you can drive with confidence!

Distribution of Tokens and Funding

Token sale

  1. Role Token: Enable data trading between data owner and buyer
  2. Symbol: VIN
  3. Supply: 1,000,000,000 VIN
  4. Sale: 600,000,000 VIN
  5. Emission Level: No new token will be created
  6. Price: 1 VIN = 5 cents
  7. Currency received: ETH, BTC, XRP, LTC, WAVES, USD, EURO
  8. Sales Period: March 22, 2018 14:00 UTC to 15 April 2018 14:00
  9. Token distribution date: April 17 — April 29, 2018
  10. Minimum goal: $ 5,000,000
  11. Maximum goal: $ 34.5 million


Info Team

More Info

 Bounty Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2349188

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