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TraDove - World's First B2B Coin Project

      The explosive growth of internet accompanied by the creation of social networking has made information everywhere. Smartphones and mobile devices put the world in the palm of our hands. Facebook and LinkedIn enable instantaneous instantaneous and inter-individual links on the opposite side of the globe.But B2B is left behind. In this space, information is in the Balkans. Potential business partners in the same city may not know each other. Less transparency. Even after identifying potential business partners, the "quality of business" of potential partners is often difficult to assess. In the consumer space, peer opinions are easily available using Yelp or Google Review. This is not the case in B2B space, where targeted marketing is much more difficult.Ultimately, trust is a problem. How can we determine whether a company or a company executive that we have never run a business trustworthy? 

How can we ensure that we will be paid for the goods or services we provide?Google is not suitable for this because most of Google's information is consumer-oriented. Google information is less B2B relevant. Without a substantial modification of his "Friend Circles", Facebook is not compatible with B2B. To adapt successfully with B2B, LinkedIn products have to be redesigned substantially.

Introducing the TraDove Project

TraDove, Inc. ("TraDove") was established with a single mission, to meet the basic needs of every company in order to buy and sell better by creating a business network that connects buyers, sellers, products, services and corporate companies. We will be able to allow any company to market and advertise other companies through their internet products and services in a targeted and precise manner.

TraDove has developed a proprietary process to authenticate users on the general network. Much more difficult to forge a profile. This is a social network tailored for corporate purchases and sales. It connects business people, products / services and companies seamlessly to share knowledge, experiences and opportunities in a much more relevant way.

TraDove Business Social Network

TraDove was born to solve this problem: 
  1. How do you find business partners quickly and credibly?
  2. How do you ensure the quality of a potential business partner and the quality of the product / service you are going to buy? 
  3. How do you market your B2B products / services to hidden demands in a targeted way?  
  4. How do you market your B2B products / services to hidden demands in a targeted way?  

TraDove Value Proposition

Business social networks connect buyers, sellers, and other companies to interconnect products / services and companies in a way that:

  1. Shorten the search cycle and identify potential business partners in a credible way 
  2.  Make B2B time and effort more transparent and concise (with reference, support, etc.) 
  3. Is a company-based precision advertising company via the Internet 
  4.  Increase trust in B2B transactions and payments

The purpose of TraDove

The main purpose of TraDove's B2B 2.0 is to ensure and maintain credibility, both on and off the network. There are several ways to achieve it. The basic authentication of potential network members is at the first level. TraDove has developed a proprietary process to ensure prospective new members efficiently. Once logged in, democratic rankings such as those deployed by LinkedIn or Yelp retain the members credibility level. This activity is very important. This is a device that helps maintain the quality perception of the TraDove network

The advantages of the Tradove project

  • Create B2B Transparency Utilize social network functions such as endorsements and references to authenticate users and reduce due diligence effort and time.
  •   Facilitate Buyer/Seller Interaction Implement AI technologies to optimize the matching of buyers and sellers based on business objectives and user profiles.
  • Precision B2B Advertising Targeted product & service advertising based on business profiles and specific needs. Sellers can also present buyers with incentives to view B2B advertisements.
  • Disrupt B2B Payment Solutions BBCoin will also be used as a payment instrument for trusted B2B transaction, especially international trade. Companies can eliminate local banking stress and enjoy ease & low cost of payment to send money in and out of countries.


TraDove will use Ethereum-based tokens, blockchain technologies, and advanced user authentication to solve fundamental trust issues in B2B and international commerce. Confirmed, checked and reviewed buyers and sellers will use smart contracts to trade through the global business-to-business platform, ensuring payment is successful.


 Details of Token Sales

Token Sales Schedule  : 1 February 2018  
Purchase Token           : Ethereum, Bitcoin, Fiat
Price Token                 : 1 BBCoin = $0,16
Bonus                          : -
Total Supply Token      : BBCoin


Info Team


Kent J Yan - Business, Finance, and General Management
Matt Ciantar - Sales, Marketing and Business Development
Jian Zheng - Blockchain Technology, AI, Product Development
Igor Gustincic - Sales and Business Development, Europe
George Cheng - Network, Security, Big Data and Cloud
Rick Roux - Web Marketing, User Acquisition
Jia Liu - Mobile Development
Albert Wang - User Experience and User Interface
Advisors & Investors Richard Rosenberg - Former Chairman and CEO of Bank of America
Phil Duff - Former CFO of Morgan Stanley
Gerhard Schulmeyer - Former CEO of Siemens, Inc.
Gary Cowger - Former Group VP of General Motors
Gordon Kaufman - Professor Emeritus, MIT Sloan School of Management
Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach - Former SVP, Deutsche Telekom
Mike Honda - Retired US Congressman
Mario Rosati - Name Partner, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati
Xiongwen Lu - Dean of School of Management, Fudan University, China

Companies Whose Employees Joined TraDove

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