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NapoleonX-platform An online trade created to remedy a market shortage

today many online platforms are created to remedy the shortcomings of traditional markets such as trading platforms, financial platforms, service platforms, all offering programs that can captivate investors, communities and communities with better service of course and long term benefitsI am interested here and want to discuss a new platform called NAPOLEONX platform as an asset management company created to serve krypto investors, Napoleonx is a unique algorithmic system offered which is supported by liquid bots trading which will be very useful in various existing trading systems , the system was developed by the team to encourage the DAF development strategy, DAF will be created as a unique underlying asset. more bots are in use in various DAF it will provide benefits to NAPOLEONX this system will provide better access so that will be preferred by investors .

this is the first solution for smart investments offered to holders of cryptocurrencies, this DAF is an asset capital whose bot-set investment strategy in all trading systems, complemented by a platform that will provide algomitrik solutions in open source schemes will also act as NapoleonX media that will help regularly to propose new algorithms launching the new DAF.NaPoleonX will vote on DAFs that are launched effectively. Instead, Napoleon Crypto will benefit from 15% of all botons consumed (performance cost).



NapoleonX predicts in the coming years all token assets will become the new normal currency in the future. Crypto assets will be a major asset of the stock market. Once this situation becomes normal, contract-based trading can be used for the best quantitative investment strategy. There is a need to create a meeting point for real assets to crypto assets. This will create more liquidity and investment opportunities for everyone.NaPoleanX gives us the solution to remove all investment industry flaws by adopting some of the important changes necessary to sustain the explosive growth of the cryptographic market so as to create a sustainable ecosystem for the management of crypto assets, traditional institutions are no longer viable and must be skipped. they become too powerful to be controlled by government and society. They operate centrally and are mostly autonomous without accountability. They control the financial markets and key players in the industry.NaPoleanX has more than 20 trading places available. This is an algorithmic crypto asset manager. Their NPX tokens can be used for various purposes. They consider France and Luxembourg to acquire their asset management licenses because of the previous experience of the founding fathers of these countries.

Why should you invest in NapoleonX?

More than 10 years of R&D to design more than 20 performing trading strategies; read our blackpaper to learn more.

Tokenization of quantitative strategies with Proof of Performance as a pledge of trust for investors.

Investment vehicles (DAFs) will pay 25% of performance fees, out of which 85% will be transferred to NPX token holders for the 10 first DAFs.

4. Scalable business model
All trading bots are designed to manage several hundred million EUR worth of AUM. Trading bots will run on highly liquid real and crypto assets.

ICO Information

They launched the ICO launch campaign on December 4, 2017 for crypto investors. The NPX token will be offered to collect 40,000 ET. The resulting amount will be used to obtain a crypto asset management license, to develop the NaPoleanX platform, to market our services and build their user base. Amazon's smart contracts will be used to track any contributions made by users. The KYC / AML process must be followed. Some countries can not participate in ICO like Cuba, Iraq, USA, Syria, southern sudan etc.




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