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Krios- a blockchain based affiliate and campaign management platform

      Maybe you are one of the blog enthusiasts who want to get something more from blog websit with various ease and some advanced advancement is very different from sharing kinds of ways especially advertising from other ads now everyone can be interested to visit or access a website
a new project of krios using blockchain technology by utilizing different kinds of advertising networks through smart contracts offered directly by Perhaps many people like to read news articles, short stories, newspapers or television for information. Currently we still know in this advanced era there are various kinds of onlen media that use the services of a website to promote their project to be faster known as this is a krios solution for you

Ok let's take a deeper look at this krios project

What is Krios

Krios is a web and mobile device platform designed specifically for companies that want to achieve effective, profitable and profitable digital marketing campaigns.
is an excellent solution to the problems facing the advertising industry today, allowing a transparent and reliable platform for developing marketing activities such as ad creation or the purchase of ad space on the Internet.

 In the future online advertising Krios has a trained professional database as well as resources, which offer added value and synergies in all marketing and promotional processes.

The problem

Publishing online advertising messages is very similar to investment. In the digital advertising world, companies that invest huge amounts of money in the hope of returning their investments Advertisers do not have the data needed to really understand where to spend their money. Those who have advertise online have found themselves in the world of digital advertising cost refunds, where companies try to determine their individual online sales source to maximize product efficiency.

The Solution that Krioses Offer

Krios Platform is the future of digital marketing. This mitigates the problems faced by providing access for users to a network of talented professionals who deliver value and synergy in all aspects of a company's marketing campaign. A platform where businesses of all sizes can create large-scale marketing teams that are specific to their projects, and then manage and coordinate campaigns, all at a much cheaper cost. Krios offers a simple and efficient process whereby companies send requests that contain information about their products, budgets, needs and timelines. Krios then matches the business with registered professionals and is registered within the network to be chosen by the company to complete the assignment. One of Krios's key value propositions is the improvement of communication channels between the three parties in the advertising model. The Krios Affiliate Network also opens a direct line of communication between the company and the desired influencer that is specifically chosen to fit the business needs.
Krios offers professional databases and resources that deliver value and synergy in all aspects of a company's marketing and promotional campaigns. It connects professionals who want to sell their services with companies that want to get a marketing campaign. Companies fill out forms and profiles on the platform, detailing their products or services, budgets, needs and timelines. Krios then presents the company with several professional candidates who match the requirements of the request. It connects professionals in the digital advertising industry who want to sell their services. Monitoring campaign progress is made simple through a friendly interface. Krios users can communicate directly with their rental professionals and pay for it with KriosCoin via the app.

Platfrom Krios

The Krios platform is available in both Mobile and Web Applications designed specifically for companies looking to run efficient, cost-effective digital marketing campaigns.

Professional examples that will be on the Krios Platform, but are not limited to:
  •      content manager
  •      social media manager
  •      ad manager
  •      graphic designer
  •      copywriter
  •      marketing Manager
  •      vloggers
  •      influencers
  •      marketing analyst
  •      and much more


KriosCoin ('KRI') is a standard token of ERC20 based on Ethereal and blockchain technologies. Tokens in the Ethereum ecosystem. KRI grants user access to the Krios Network ecosystem and enables confidential, secure, personalized and decentralized methods to confirm and perform all transactions within the network. KRI is a utility token that can be used as an account unit between advertisers, publishers, content creators and businesses on digital advertising platforms and new digital based platforms.

Info Token

KriosCoin (KRI)


Total​ ​token​ ​supply: 650,000,000

Token​ ​type: ERC 20 Standard Ethereum Token

Token​ ​Distribution: 5% team, 10% advisors, 70% development, 15% marketing

ICO​ ​Sale​ ​Phase:  Nov 17 2016- December 31st 2017

Token​ ​Price: 1 KRI – $0.10

Distribution of Funds Raised

Bounty Campaign Distribution

1. Krios Beta Registration - 25 KRI independent of other campaign components.
2. Telegram Campaign - 5%
3. Translation Campaign - 30%
4. Social Media Campaign (Facebook/Twitter) - 45%
5. Articles/Blog Posts/Media Campaign - 20%


Info team


More Information Connect To Krios

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