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Node-Smart technology for wireless energy

As science and technology grow rapidly In recent years, the world of crypto is very popular has become very interesting Interest in crypto-cryptococcus, people around the world become aware of the crypto world. we know the world is growing and growing into the Modern Era, especially Wireless Technology is growing very rapidly. as well as with our lives can not be separated from life that play a role in internet, by utilizing wireless technology about our new platform named NODE

introduces what a node project is
Node is a revolutionary high-tech start-up technology, which disrupts the wireless device market's market niche for personal and commercial use.

Node is also an innovative project that is undoubtedly and certainly potentially for any investor. That is the reason why Node holds ITO (Initial Token Offering), so we will be able to make great strides into the future together.

Node is a structure and also a design on an increase in a network that has been implemented in a wireless network with a good function,
namely to make improvements to the transmission system to run better and also smoothly, and to realize a better network interaction, so that can be enjoyed by various communities widely and also evenly, so that will provide a sense of comfort on a better wireless network,

Where in the era of new breakthrough in the improvement of a technology and also a variety of methods and also innovation and design is always developed and also always improve. so that the current technology is growing, then agriculture, and also the utilization of technology has been applied in various fields ranging from the industry on improving the system, the development of the network in the agency for easier access and also facilitate to find various solutions and revolution in finding problems, or innovation as well as improved design, to make it better than the present to the future to be useful and also useful for various communities, here we will introduce technology development on Node,  

namely a concept feature and a structure created to meet a need for a network to work better, in transmitting connectivity, as well as in connecting interactions from various circles, or communities for better and more improved.

Nodes provide a great benefit in various interactions because they have good network transmission and are supported with high security network systems, as well as experienced developers in their field, Node keeps on improving fiture, keep getting better and more useful.

benefits of Power Node

  • utilization in a more developed housing system
  • utilization on the Travel network will be more developed
  • utilization on health networks will be better
  • utilization on industrial systems ranging from a variety of aoutomotive industries, technology industries
  • the use of the Retail system is increasingly increasing
  • utilization in Electronik system.    

Advantages Of Power Node:

  • Good Control System and also performs a centralized control
  • Responsive which means easy to interact in a responsive manner
  • A cost at low expenditure will therefore increase a savings
  • Using an elegant design and also very interesting to give the impression
  • Stylish and environmentally friendly design

Product Node:

  1. ALPHA   
A cushion or pedestal with technology on batteries charging, with wireless networks, here with a large area will maximize in performing multiple phones in charging batteries at one time together.
feature in its own alpha, with a target price of 99 $, an area of 300mm x 200 mm. transmission in charging about 10 w. and also USB power supply is 5 V

  1. EON
a Charging Station of the device. using wireless technology that is applied or used on desktop placements. EON Puts multiple devices in one place and also at a time, and is also supported with Power Control which automatically,
Features on its own EON, with a target price of $ 159, with a transmission power of over 150 w. 220 v power supply, and its dimensions or area 100 mm x 70 mm


Pre ITO activities will be held on: 07 December 2017
Pre ITO Activity will end on:
07 January , 2018
With Price token: 1 $
Minimum Purchase is: 10 $
Buyers will get a bonus: 50%

TO will be held on: 15 February  2018
ITO activities will end on:
15 April , 2018
With Price token: 1 $
Partsipan will get the bonus day 1 - 10 is 30%, day 11 -20 is 20%, day 21 - 30 is 15%, day 31 - 40 is 10%

Info Team


1.Zelenin , Founder
2. Daniil Morozov , Co Founder
3. Oleg Pensky , Chief Scientific Officer
4. Olga Sivitskaya , Marketing Expert
5. Dmitry Okulov , Chief Technical Officer
6. Irina Kotova , Financial Planning And Accounting Expert
7. Denis Konogorov , Investment Expert
8. Ekaterina Naimushina , Community Manager
9. Mikhail Pan , Sales Asian Market
10. Yulia Trubnikova , Sales Europian And US Market
11. Evgeny Petrikin , Sales EAST Market
12. Ibtihaj Abrar

      ADVISOR : 

    1. George Mikaberydze . Advisor
    2. Elizaveta Tolstikova , Advisor
    3. George Erman , Advisor
    4. Sergey Lepeshkin , Advisor
    5. Laroslav Taldykin , Advisor
    6. Vadim Kotov , Advisor
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