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Denaro- the world's First Multipurpose payment solution

Introduces What is Denaro 

Denaro is a versatile payment solution that allows users to store, spend, and transfer their cryptography into an intuitive interface and debit card that matches the number of crypto issues - physically spend itThe undisturbed payment ecosystem in Denaro shows a disconnect between crypto and mainstream markets. This platform enables companies and individuals to send, spend, store and exchange crypto and fiat through secure web wallets, physical debit cards, merchant terminal payments, and IBAN.Using Denaro's multi-cryptocurrency wallet, you do not need many addresses. Not only allows you to receive and store some cryptography under the address, it also lets you spend it at any ATM or store. Denaro has developed a secure and customizable API SCI / API for merchant services to facilitate the payment of goods and services online or offline using a web wallet or physical debit card.

The main advantage of the Denaro project

1. Main advantages for business:
Secure payment in BTC, ET and DNO using customizable SCI / API;
DANERO wallet can accept BTC, ETH and DNO at the same address.
In addition, DANERO provides features such as instant conversion of the crypt currency to Fiat, which allows you not to lose money due to Crypto currency volatility. According to the project location, discounts and bonuses are provided to companies with volumes in excess of $ 500,000. For example, free payment terminal or 50% discount when paying by debit card. In addition, there is a separate project to create a debit card.

2. Main advantages for users:
For ordinary users, the DANERO project offers advantages such as:
Receive, store and send BTC, ET and DNO using an easy-to-use interface and single address;
There is no additional charge for delivery of Crypto currency for Denaro wallet (network rate applicable only); International Bank Account Number (IBAN) to receive international transactions;
Each is a debit card project.

Token Denaro

Influence aims to offer a constantly evolving token which will always meet the demands of the users and accommodate the best features of blockchain. This token will be known as DNO. This DNO is a utility token and will control all settlements on the network and also entitles token holders to a wide variety of exclusive benefits, additional bonuses, discounts and merchant services on the network. And a portion of the network transaction fee will be distributed among DNO holders present at the time of certain achievements.


1. Liquidity
Denaro is a versatile payment solution that enable users to store, spend, and transfer their cryptocurrencies on an intuitive interface and debit card that addresses crypto’s number one problem — physically spending it.

2. Security
Denaro has developed secure and customizable SCI/APIs for merchant services that will facilitate the payments of goods and services online or offline using a web wallet or a physical debit card respectively.

3. Storage
Tired of juggling all those ETH and BTC wallets? Utilising Denaro’s multi-cryptocurrency wallet, you no longer need multiple addresses. Not only does it allow you to receive and store multiple cryptocurrencies under one address, it also allows you to spend them at any ATM or store.

Token Sales

To facilitate platform development, Denaro will launch an initial Coin offer (ICO). The number of DNOs is limited and will be distributed during the event. And participants will be able to contribute to the event by using ETH, BTC, LTC and fiat payment gates at epay.com. Here are the sales details:   

• Token Name: DNO
• Total supply: 100,000,000
• Price: 3000 per ETH
• Hard cap: 65.000.000


Denaro will reward contributor / investor and community participation with a generous bonus and referral commission system. The bonus system gives early awards based on tokens sold in our sales and sales event, while the referral side of the commission system issues community members with 5% of every purchase made by their referrals. The pre-sale bonus system consists of a 25% bonus for investors' contributions. This lasts for pre-sale duration - 7 days.

The main public bonus / sales system consists of 25% bonus for the first 15 million tokens sold, 10% for the next 20 million tokens sold, 5% for the next 25 million tokens sold and then no bonus for 5 million final tokens for sale There are 65 million tokens that can be sold during general sales.



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