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BITRACE - F1 integrated circuit project development & sports facilities

 along with the advancement of the times and technological developments Currently no longer reject the use of technology Blokchain grow and have been actually used all over the world. This is why crypto is so popular today.Start many projects using Blockchain technology to use crypto as its project payment tool. is now present in your life a new project in which this project is based on a shared belief about F1 race or BITRACE with advanced technology

Ok let's explain what exactly BITRACE is and what is its purpose

F1 race is a sports dish that has a number of fans are not small. the availability of motor circuits is likely to provide a buoyancy for the economy and encourage countries in the world to build high-tech industries thanks to the new sport concept, including Tunisia located in North Africa. This is influenced by so many rich people around the world who will attend or participate in the Formula One Grand Prix.

The F1 show will be a great opportunity for Tunisia and for the authorities responsible for development to capitalize on the presence of major decision-makers and advertise the country's economic opportunities.

Introduced the Company BITRACE INVESTMENTS LTD 

BITRACE INVESTMENTS LTD is the first company to engage in the development of Blockchain-based racing city Formula 1. The project comprises the construction of an integrated sports complex including the Formula 1 Line. TUNISIA RACING F1 CITY comprising the construction of an Integrated Circuit of Formula 1 and other sports and commercial facilities that surround the circuit ie Golf Course, Shopping Mall, 3 Hotels, International Exhibition Center, residential area , commercial area and many more.

The project will be in Tunisia, where it is an option for many reasons such as;
  1. Located approximately three hours, from the capital of Europe and the Code is a very strategic incentive.
  2. Have skilled staff with outstanding ability to master new technology quickly, seek innovation in all its aspects.
  3. In Tunisia, the labor, raw materials and low cost of the Tunisian dinar will be an important factor that will ensure the construction of F1 Circuit in 145 million US.
Its construction is located on a 300 Hectares property, located between Yasmine-Hammamet and Ennfidha International Airport in Tunisia with a realistic starting value ranging from 375 Million US $ to 750 Million US $ when construction starts.

The purpose of Bitrace

Building a Formula 1 Circuit that will provide better added value for the advancement and support of the economy. Building an F1 circuit and holding F1 races will never be a lucrative Business, therefore, the Bitrace team is forced to modify the Business case and build an entire community, a small town with a variety of products and services and with the development of contemporary properties.

BITRACE will be a tourist cryptocurrency while visiting Tunisia, we will introduce it to the Tour Operator, Travel Agent, Hotel, Commercial Center and we have seen that BITRACE will be the crypto standard in the coming years.

Bitrace Advantages

The city of F1 in Tunisia needs a lot of market awareness, as it will begin to welcome tourists by 2020 to attend organized events within the city, the first thing that comes to mind why we do not create crypto that should be accepted in F1 City, to pay at BITRACE rather than go to the bank and exchange their money with local currency. Therefore BITRACE was born and will be the Cryptocurrency that all tourists must have in their wallets before doing a holiday in Tunisia.

Info Token & ICO

 London / Tunis, January 2, 2018 - BITRACE Investments Ltd. ("Company" or "BITRACE") is pleased to announce that it is in the process of launching ICO Initial Coin Offer to collect some of the funds needed to commence its construction debut. from TUNISIA RACING F1 CITY.
 Conversion Rate

 1 eth = 9000 BRf + 25% BONUS



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