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ZEUS-First waste treatment For mining waste

         Garbage, often considered disturbing and irritating. Though the useless goods that arise due to human activities also due to habits and lifestyle. But to answer what should be done to the garbage, besides throwing away, it is not easy. Especially if you have to change the habits and lifestyle of someone who has been running for years and even hereditary. But without change, it seems impossible to solve the problems that arise from the mountainous debris.
"In fact everyone can help to reduce waste production, in a relatively simple way. That is by sorting out the type of garbage and not mixing it in one container shelter. The first step is to recognize the various types of waste in our environment."

Waste is a very serious environmental problem facing the world community. It can be said that human waste produced every day is not counted, whether organic or inorganic waste. However, the waste is concerned waste is even thrown away carelessly. Over time the garbage will produce many problems for the environment, the effect will damage the surrounding environment. There have been many attempts with various ways to solve the garbage problem. One effort to overcome this waste problem is to recycle the waste. Therefore it is necessary how to recycle it can be useful for life.
Recycling is one way to ensure that finished goods are returned to the shelter, to be converted into other items or cleaned and reused. Unfortunately, not everyone feels motivated to recycle. From that we introduce "Zeus" a company that recycles garbage into the world's first electricity, later that power will be used for cryptocurrency mining, because we know that the electricity used for cryptocurrency mining is very big.

What is ZEUS

ZEUS EcoCryptoMining  - first building waste processing plant project which also generates electricity from waste products and uses it for mining in the world.

Our mission is to give everyone an opportunity not only to help in solving the garbage utilization problem, but also invest profitably by making our world cleaner.
First implementation of building garbage recycling factory project which also generates electricity from waste products and uses it for mining in the world - ZEUS EcoCryptoMining.

 Introducing What is Zeus

Zeus has a mission to clean up the planet from waste and help solve the problem of waste utilization, but it can also contribute and contribute to the development and progress of the world of cryptocurrency and want to make the world better. Funds originating from the Zeus project will also be used to purchase facilities that support waste and waste treatment from factories, purchase components for cryptocurrency mining, purchase equipment for waste treatment and others.

  Info ZEUS

Sale and distribution of Zeus coins

Currently ZEUS will issue 58,000 000 tokens. Zeus also plans to launch 1,000,000 tokens intended for sale in the ICO Pre and 49.3 million tokens will be distributed among investors on ICO
Token Name: Zeus
Symbol: Zeus
Pre ICO begins: October 1, 2017
Pre ICO expires: October 31, 2017
Sales: November 20 to December 25, at 3:00 Moscow time (00:00 UTC)

All unsold tokens will be removed to avoid any negative impact on token prices on the market.
Introducing Program & Bounty Zeus You can also join and participate in this project through the bounty program forum at BOUNTY THREAD.
Next you can also get more information about ICO you can see and visit the following link:

Bounty Budget:

2% of the total Sold tokens in ICO will be Reserved for Bounty Programs which will be allocated as follows:
  1. 20% for Social Media Bounty
  2. 15% for Translation Bounty
  3. 15% for Blog and Media Bounty
  4. 30% for Signature Campaign
  5. 20% Other Bounties.

 Introducing Team Zeus

 The team behind the Zeus project is comprised of people who have been successful in their respective fields comprising Practitioners of recycling and energy industry development, blockchain developers, financial specialists, marketing, biogas plant project designers and others:

 More Info

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