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Titanium- Introduction to the new era of Blockchain network construction

Since the emergence of the idea of interconnected networks in the 1960s, very little has changed about the Internet infrastructure. While the internet today has much more interconnected servers, home computers, and most importantly, users, the functional technology framework has not changed since it was first imagined by computing pioneers of the '60s and 70s. Of course, server technology has improved since the first network composition such as the ARPANET, but its basic infrastructure has not changed - but based on large data centers and controlled by large companies that have their own interests; these interests are not necessarily yours
Currently, the world's largest transportation company does not own a car (Uber), the world's largest hotel company on the face of the planet has no hotels (AirBnB), the largest unfamiliar retailer (Alibaba), and the world's most popular media network. not creating content (Facebook). Obviously, we live in a time of radical change. Why Internet infrastructure can be different?

Introducing Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Service (TBIS)

TBIS is proud to introduce Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) on the Ethereal blockchain platform. Currently the internet, which is considered collective, represents about 11.5 million petabytes of data. As great as this, it is dwarfed by the potential of an integrated, interconnected global network spread across billions of desktops, servers, and network devices. This is the utilization of the system used by this TBIS. With a completed proof-ofconcept model and a malfunctioning infrastructure forged thinking by the largest distributed computing industry, TBIS will completely revolutionize the Internet infrastructure.
Just as steel transforms the building industry forever, Titanium will usher in a new era of network construction. With TMIS's IaaS equipment, each device, from the enterprise level below, can be realized; routers, firewalls, and special tools such as cryptocurrency miners, can exist in cloud-based environments. Coupled with cutting-edge enterprise management and monitoring technologies, this will create a shock-proof internet infrastructure that will be a very light and truly revolutionary scope. A distributed TBIS system will monitor the health of the network performing an autonomous "healing" action when specific weaknesses are detected. With Tolerance of Hydra Titanium Tolerance, if the device is discontinuous, TBIS will move the load and enter into other excess node networks. If potential security problems arise, the TBIS system will work automatically to limit the potential impact of attacks such as DDOS or other address-specific attacks; it is impossible to overload the equipment that only exists on the ether.
The backbone of the TBIS system is a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that can be built to virtually guarantee 100% uptime of all mission-critical Titanium Control Devices, apps and services will allow even inexperienced users to create SLAs that can support enterprise-level support and network infrastructure for people or companies who have decided to become part of the upcoming Titanium Revolution.
In short, TBIS IaaS will provide the current infrastructure services, from web hosting to network support devices, archaic, outdated and totally useless. Just as iron is replaced by bronze, Titanium is an element for the future of the internet.

 The mission of the TBIS Project

" Our mission is to leverage the unchanging strength of the blockchain to provide virtual infrastructure services for businesses and individuals, creating a reliability guarantee that Titanium previously had.
Our team strongly believes in the power to disrupt the blockchain. Already, global business and finance are changing and disrupted by blockchain technology. TBIS has completed trials showing that it is possible to create an entire system of infrastructure in distributed and redundant systems. Imagine a world where businesses no longer need to have network cabinets filled with expensive and temperamental equipment that quickly become obsolete, require gentle maintenance and reduce productivity through downtime or common digital disturbance. All decaying equipment with a yellowing casing can be replaced with digital titanium at the cost and maintenance of hardware infrastructure, while increasing time and reliability and reducing maintenance.
TBIS Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a powerful and timely platform necessary to deliver a new era of productivity for companies and individuals worldwide by providing end-to-end Internet infrastructure.

Token Mechanics and Sales Token Details 

Summary Mechanics and Sales Details This token is not an offer to sell or demand from an offer to purchase TBIS tokens, called "BAR", and is reserved for informational purposes only in connection with the TBIS platform. The following summary reflects current TBIS expectations with respect to token mechanics and BAR sales, which may change at any time.
Soon, TBIS tokens (BAR) will be sold. As part of this sale, a fixed BAR pool will be generated. No more BARs to be made in the future. The BAR will be the deflationary currency. After the sale closes, some BAR tokens will be allocated and given to the TBIS team as an incentive for the success of our platform, and a separate portion will be held as a reserve fund and a spending fund. Communities will hold 60% BAR, TBIS team will hold 20% BAR (depending on freezing period), 10% BAR will be booked for various public bounty and 10% BAR will be allocated for reserve pool. 
Crypto BAR's currency serves several major operational functions with respect to the TBIS platform for its holders:
  • BAR will be the only tool to pay for products and services within the TBIS ecosystem. 
  • The owner of the BAR will be allowed to participate in the election of milestone settlement, which will be used to unlock the BAR's expenditure reserves.
  • BAR will serve as the primary mechanism for verifying smart third party market contracts in a decentralized and secure manner.
  • When the TBIS smart contract is deployed by the user, the BARs paid as fees will be resold and redistributed to the ecosystem at market value.

 Details of Token Sales   

  1. Token Sales      : 1 January 2018
  2. Purchase Token  : Ethereum
  3. Price Token        :1 BAR = $1
  4. Bonus                :5% - 10%
  5. Total Supply Token  :60.000.000 BAR



RICHARD SILVER - COO/Director of Marketing
VINCENT FULLERTON - Technical Advisor (Pura Core Team & NEM Developer)
STUART SIEGLER - Ethereum Developer and Enterprise Automation Expert
JAMES CONNOLLY - Ethereum Developer
JESSE URE - Ethereum Developer
RITCHEY MULHOLLEM - Ethereum Developer
NILO AMPUNAN - Senior Enterprise Management Specialist
RICHARD WHITAKER - Senior Enterprise Management Specialist
JASON MCBRIDE - Senior Systems Engineer
ERAN JENKINS - Network Administrator
DAVID ROWLEY - Storage Management Expert
ARTEM CHUPAKHIN - Marketing Director, Russia
RYAN BRYDON - Marketing Director, Australia
DANIEL TEICH - Chief Design Officer, Germany
JASON BRINK - Graphic Designer | Technical Writer
DAWID BRZEZINSKI - Community Manager
DARIUSZ BANIEL - Community Manager 


JOE BUCCINI - Technical Advisor
ELLIOT KERMANI - Legal Adviser  


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