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LiveEdu-Practical online learning solution

What is LiveEdu?

LiveEdu is a Next Generation learning platform to teach students and professionals practical skills. This has resulted in new methods to teach around the world

LiveEdu is building the world's largest project-based learning library with any topic starting with seven programming topics, game development, data analysis, design, plus and virtual reality, artificial intelligence and power crypto. The goal is to develop a decentralized online learning ecosystem that does not rely on learning theory but its practical career skills

The peer-to-peer market LiveEdu will connect the ribbons (creators) and viewers (learners) from around the world. The idea that ribbons will create premium education projects and get paid a monthly lifetime royalty if their projects are watched by viewers.

LiveEdu also strives to bring cryptocurrency to the masses by educating students and professionals by using a practical crypto crypto tutorial project that includes cryptococcal basics, blocking mining, Bitcoin, Ethereal, security and ICO.

LiveEdu's Ecosystem

Model Token EDU LiveEdu

Use-Cases for EDU Smart Tokens
Any positive activity learned by a learner, content creator, site moderator or ecosystem participant in LiveEdu represents EDU token printing.Token EDU will be fully integrated into all core modules and transactions in LiveEdu; payment method for all financial transactions; appreciate the creators of premium project tutorials, positive student behavior, site moderators, and API ecosystem developers.
When EDU tokens are fully launched and integrated into LiveEdu, here's how to use them on our websites and mobile apps:

Technical Implementation of EDU TokenImplementation of Contract Smart Contract
intelligent EDU is fully implemented and prepared by experienced capchain and ICO experts from New Alchemy. This token is based on the ERC-20 standard with slight deviations. It was designed with inspiration from other ERC-20 tokens such as Bancor, Filecoin and Civic.Smart contracts only accept ether. Investments made with coins and other fiat will be converted to ether.Token Model investors can purchase EDU tokens directly with Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), fiat (USD / EUR) and other coins indirectly via Shapeshift. Token EDU can have a maximum of eight decimal digits. There is a soft cover of $ 1 million and a hard hat of $ 8 million for ETH investment (non-ETH investments are not taken into account for hard hats).The number of EDU tokens to be printed for ICO LiveEdu will be determined after ICO is closed.
The total token supply is limited by hard cap. As soon as the lid of ICO cover is closed.
For both the pre-ico and the main crowdsale, the minimum investment amount per transaction is $ 3.
If you send less than $ 3 per transaction, you will lose it.

The token is denominated in US $:1 USD = 10 EDU tokens1 ETH = value $ ETH x 101 BTC = value $ BTC x 101 LTC = value $ LTC x 101 EUR = $ EUR value x 10 Pre-sale bonus: This company is a pre-selling EDU token prior to public sale at a discounted price on a wholesale basis for large volume purchases. Minimum amount for bonus: $ 50 <= $ 10,000 USD + receive 25% bonus> = $ 10,000 USD + receive 30% bonus> = $ 30,000 USD + receive 35% bonus> = $ 50,000 USD + receive 40% bonus> $ 100,000 USD + received 50% bonus


Program Bounty

Bounty participants will be divided into bounty pools based on their contribution method with each pool that has its own EDEN Token distribution.

The number of EDU tokens to be printed for ICO LiveEdu will be determined after ICO is closed. 10 EDU token equals $ 1

2.5% token is shared with the bounty hunter. The fairest way to share 2.5% of all EDU token issued (Over $ 500k) is to use the bet system.

Total bounty is divided into

     15% Bitcointalk Signature and Avatar
     10% Social Media Twitter
     10% Country Specific Marketing
     25% Blog Post
     15% Translation, Moderation & Community Management
     10% Reddit
     10% Telegram
     5% Other [Social media attacker or newsletter owner.

Contact us at content@liveedu.tv to discuss remuneration.]

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