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Jincor- A blockchain-tech financial project


    Jincor - Cryptocurrency and its units, blockchain technology, and smart contracts have been the main infrastructure for developing a new digital era. Unlock new opportunities around the world for project creators, startups, businesses, in any sector including finance and banking.
Jincor companies have also taken part with their Jincor platform project, will allow businesses to work with smart contracts and cryptourrency as payment without doing their own implementation from scratch, requiring no advanced technical understanding in blockchain, unauthorized, and cost-efficient technology.


Ways of working

The contract is valid as soon as both parties sign it with an electronic signature and require certain elements to be run automatically. For example, the first-order requirement is the existence of the cryptococcal account of those involved.

In other words, executable code must have unhindered access to smart contract objects. In addition, all conditions of intelligent contracts must be explained mathematically and have a clear logic of execution, and this is the reason why Jincor's first smart contract will be based on the simplest corporate relationships, involving only a few elements. Given that the code has full access to the deal object, its implementation and compliance will be handled automatically by taking into account the fulfillment of the conditions of an intelligent contract. With a smart contract as a self-execute code on blockchain it will be possible to implement the terms of agreement between the parties. The result, of course, will be useful to remove transactions between the two. Smart contracts make it possible to sign an agreement that automatically can not be solved with predefined terms.

Purpose Jincor

The Jincor Platform aims to solve the most common problems that are the subject of the crypto project. If we look at the crypto project, we may find that sometimes there will be an offer as a problem solver to become the main subject in the platform. But the Jincor platform, will serve as a healthy, secure, obedient, and windy to use the platform or product therein.
For the company, will be able to use corporate modules within the Jincor platform. The enterprise module by the platform is the web microservice, including organizational profiles, departmental information, as well as its list of participants. When a company runs a module, it will be possible to manage, create sub-organizations, send invitations to employees, determine functional roles within the organization.To determine the accuracy of each organization within the platform, Jincor uses a unique ID, URL, profile, and one or more crypto accounts. By combining intuitive and user friendly interface about this module, users will be satisfied to use or search for it.

Service For Users

So what can the user do in the exact platform? As mentioned above, the platform will try to become a global financial platform, and enable individuals or companies to start crypto based companies. With decentralized applications supported by smart contracts, this platform will provide multiple applications, such as regular payments, partner programs, signed transactions, and business to business.
To complete the feature, Jincor will also use the Arbitrage system. Arbitration will be useful if the contract execution is not clear enough, and minimizes the agreement of the parties drowning in disputes. The arbitration system will allow the participants to resolve the disputes arising.
In the Jincor platform, there is also a decentralized application module that makes it possible to create the company and for the individual crypto cache intrusion. To improve the safety of the wallet, it is also possible to create a multisig wallet.
Another decentralized application module within the Jincor platform is the E-document module. The e-document module here is a decentralized app that is embedded in the Jincor messenger interface. It enables users to store, send and also sign with digital signatures for virtually any type of electronic document.

Jincor Ecosystem

The Jincor Ecosystem is a combination of decentralized (dApp) and classical web applications that allow anyone to create an organization and manage it on personal blockchain based on Hyperledger technology without technical insight. Jincor provides all the functions one might need while doing business, including instruments for effective management and employee companies, crypto bills, crypto payouts, and smart contract templates. In addition, third-party corporate applications can be linked to the Jincor ecosystem in a "single screen mode". More info on technical details that you can find in our Yellowpaper. Thus, here we will try to very simply illustrate the working mechanism of our application and module.
Inside the Jincor platform, there is a combination of decentralized apps and classic web applications that allow users to create organizational databases and manage them in blockchain. To be clear about this, the user does not need technical insight to do so. For the overall structure design platform, Jincor provides all the functionality, including the instruments needed to do business, and pay bills on crypto, using smart contract templates that are also provided by the platform.

Token JCR

For further platform development, break even and get to the global market as soon as possible, we will increase the extra funds by running the ICO campaign. The JCR currents are developed on the Ethereal blockchain and compliant with the ERC20 Token Standard.

Jincor will issue 35,000 000 JCR tokens, most of which are for sale. The basic cost of the token will depend on the popularity of the platform Signing up at Jincor.com and evaluating the benefits of the Jincor ecosystem is free of charge for any business. However, if companies want to use digital verification, smart contracts and their crypto payments will be charged in the JCR token. Requests for increased JCR tokens from corporate Jincor users combined with a fixed total token supply (35,000 000 JCR, no further emissions.) Will ensure stable and long-term JCR price growth. Jincor service prices will be expressed in JCR tokens and calculated dynamically based on current token conversion rates, so users will be charged with fixed fiat values that are not affected by JCR price fluctuations.

Token distribution


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