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GATCOIN-The First Digital Currency for Marketing

GATCoin is a new crypto currency token that will be launched on Ethereum's main network as part of a larger enterprise system (GAT System) through which global merchants can publish their own brand digital tokens that can be used as discounts, gift cards and other promotional offers Merchant Tokens). The GAT system will enable merchants to publish Merchant Tokens to mass consumer audiences with minimal settings, enabling them to quickly apply token usage as part of their overall marketing strategy.

GATCoin will be the exclusive exchange currency for Trader Token trades at the GAT Exchange. Consumers may use their GATCoin to obtain a Merchant Token or may convert their Merchant Token to GATCoin on GAT Exchange.

 Benefits to Global Traders

  • Solving a real problem in a 320 billion USD market.
  • Existing anchor client with reward and shopping program for 21 major brands, 30.000 retail stores, 80.000 restaurants, 60.000 beauty outlets.
  • Patent-pending technology based on geolocation.
  •  Strong token Economics directly link GATCOINs success to community success.
  • Low hard cap with 14.5m USD. 
  • Fair token distribution & no huge private bonus. 
  • 3 year vest period for founders. 
  • Unsold tokens are redistributed to token sale participants.

Project Summary

In essence, the GAT System is a corporate solution for global merchants to publish their own digital token to mass consumer audiences for use as discounts, gift cards, and other promotional offers. The project seeks to create a controlled environment for companies to use digital tokens, thereby reducing traditional barriers to blockchain adoption faced by mainstream companies seeking to capitalize on blockchain innovation.
In GAT Systems, merchants create and publish their own branded digital tokens called Merchant Tokens. Merchant Tokens are displayed in GAT Wallet, beautifully designed mobile token wallet. Merchant Tokens then circulate in a private consortium network that can only be accessed by participating companies and consumers. Merchant Tokens are used to purchase or exchange real products and services from participating merchants.

Merchant Token Type

Merchant Tokens may be issued to replace traditional discount coupons, gift vouchers, prepaid cash cards, and loyalty points.
  • Cash Token: used as money before pay to buy products and services. Digital Token Distribution System for Mainstream Companies
  • Discount Token: used as a discount to subsidize the regular cash prices of products and services
  •  Token Loyalty: used to replace loyalty points to redeem rewards 
  •  Rewards: Used as gift vouchers to be sent to friends and family
  •  Token Travel: used as a portable currency to spend globally in network merchant stores 
Merchant Tokens can be freely transferred to other participants in the GAT Network. Merchant Tokens can also be traded for other Merchant Tokens, or for GAT Coin at GAT Exchange.
  • Strong Marketing Tools: digital tokens are valuable, transferable and very interesting to collect from a consumer's point of view 
  • Consumer Data: digital token streams can be monitored, giving merchants valuable data about the effectiveness of their incentive programs   
  •  Increase Sales Activities: unlike traditional coupons, vouchers and points, digital tokens are highly liquid and trigger faster sales activity due to their transfer speed and consumption.
  • Cash Flow: Going forward, business owners will be able to sell their Merchant Tokens to GAT Coin and thus finance the repayment of products and services by consumers.

GAT system

The GAT system provides a stable and scalable solution for the distribution of controlled Token Merchants. The GAT system consists of:
  • GAT Wallet: mobile token wallet, shopping platform and payment portal
  •  GAT Marketplace: an online marketplace of participating merchant stores where Merchant Tokens can be used for products and services
  •  GAT Exchange: token exchange for sale and purchase of Merchant Tokens with GAT Coin  
  •  GAT network: private consortium network of super-fast ledgers, or solo databases where Merchant Token traffic is recorded  

Details of Token Sales

Sales Schedule Token 28 October 2017
Purchase of Ethereum Token
Token Price 1 GAT = $ 0.2
Bonus -
Total Supply Token GAT


Info Team


PROF. WEI-TEK TSAI - Senior Executive Advisor, GATCOIN
ANTHONY HUANG - Co-Founder & Chairman, GATCOIN
JAMES KONG - Senior Dev Advisor, GATCOIN
GARY LING - Founding Dev Engineer, GATCOIN
KARANDEEP SINGH - Founding Dev Engineer, GATCOIN
KEYNE CHU - Retail Client Manager, GATCOIN
CHRIS TONG - Digital Marketing Manager, GATCOIN
KENJI WONG - Product & Graphic Designer, GATCOIN
SARAH BERBERICH - Founding Web Developer, GATCOIN 

More info

Wibesit: https://www.gatcoin.io/
Whitepaper: http://www.gatcoin.io/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/GATCOIN_Whitepaper_ENG-1.pdf
twitter : https://twitter.com/gatcoin
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