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ENVION-Highly profitable, global crypto-mining-infrastructure

we may know in this age of sekrang share a kind of science and technology is growing rapidly and In recent months,the very popular warm crypto world has become very interesting. Interest in crypto cryptococcus has reached an all-time high point when people around the world become aware of the crypto world. The main exchange has reported exponential growth as thousands of people flock to their platforms.When it comes to the future of money, there is a growing consensus that crypto-escalation is set to play a major roleThe demand for quality information about crypto has increased in recent months. Thirst for this kind of information can be attributed with the fact that people can never put their money directly into technology that has a lot of potential but is still growing. For example, tech enthusiasts in the 1990s may have foreseen the emergence of the Internet, but have no way to directly take stock in technology. The idea of ​​cryptographic implementation of data storage and transmission is still very new. And the fact that anyone can immediately buy the currency.One thing that is clear from our deep market analysis is that many newcomers to the crypto world lack the knowledge of how or where to start.As society's technology literacy improves, crypto acceptance as the legitimate warehouse follows. Title along the lines of: 'Bitcoin Soars Market Capitalization' and 'Secret of Crypto Millionaires'began to weaken public news feeds.What we know for sure is that people who were once skeptical of Bitcoin and the technology behind it gradually understood and became increasingly involved with crypto. We often find questions like:-What are cryptocurrencies?-I am interested in certain crypto-crypto. How and where can I buy it?-How and where do I start trading cryptocurrencies?

now has come a new platform that is very promising for you and can be profitable to invest for your economic progress this project named envion

 envion is one of the latest projects for crypto mining that can bloat you for your future to be better
okay maybe you have been curious about this envion project for more details will I explain below

 What is envion?
Envion is a  the Future of Smart Decentralized Blockchain Infrastructure
Highly profitable, global crypto-mining-infrastructure - Hosted in mobile, modular CSC containers - Decentralized placement directly at the energy source 

Benefits and advantages of ENVION Project

Extremely Mobile

We have engineered an extremely mobile mining solution, hosted in standardized CSC containers and ready for “plug-and-play” deployment at any energy source.

Accessing Cheap Energy

The price collapse of solar panels has led to tumbling electricity prices at photovoltaic plants worldwide. Our mining units can monetize virtually free local overcapacities.

Remotely Maintained

Our cutting edge mining-unit management platform connects all our units to one global, decentralized network using redundant 4G and satellite connections.

Patented Cooling

More than 40 times more efficient than traditional data centers: Using a patented cooling system, we achieve unprecedented power efficiency.

Info ICO     

Token SymbolEVN
Token Nameenvion Token
Token StandardERC-20
Token Issue Volume150,000,000
Retention RatioReceive 75% of earnings immediately,
Reinvest 25% to boost future payouts
Tokens GeneratedTokens not distributed shall not be generated
Exchange Rate1 EVN = 0.70/0.80/0.90/1US$
Token PurchaseETH, BTC, Credit Card
Use of Proceeds91% Investment in MMUs,
9% in Research & Development and Administration
Voting & Veto rightsIn important decisions

 Already more than 51,771,068.69USD raised!

  • Round 1/Pre-sale: December 15th - 16th, 2017 (48h only)
  • Round 2: December 17th - 20th, 2017
  • Round 3: December 21th - 27th, 2017
  • Round 4: December 28th, 2017 - January 14th, 2018

 Token Allocation and Use Of Fund


83% Token Holders

10% Founding Team

5% Envion AG as Reserve

2% ounty Program

Token Available for bounty: 2 % of all sold EVN Tokens (150.000.000 available in ICO - 3.000.000 for bounties)

The Bounty campaign will start on 01. November 2017 and will end on 14. January 2018.

We will distribute the entire award among all campaign participants, 2 weeks after the token sale has ended.
*Envion reserves the right to make amendments to the bounty program at any time.
*Envion reserves the right to remove stakes/participants from the bounty for any reason such as unethical behaviour and fraudulent submissions.

                                                     Bounty Allocation:

25% Signature Bounty
20% Translation Bounty
15% Twitter Bounty
15% Facebook Bounty
15% Telegram Bounty
10% Blog Bounty

Info Team

    Matthias Woestmann
    Felix Krusenbaum
    Jonathan Koch
    Jasper Hellmann
    Jasper Hellmann
    Laurent Martin
    Kay Buksch
    Nikita Fuchs
    Jan-Ole Malchow
    Prof. Thorsten Grenz
    Prof. Friedbert Pflüger
    Prof Philipp Sandner
    Emin Mahrt
    Emin Mahrt

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