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ENJOY LIFE One Wallet for Crypto Currency and Fiat Money

The development and advancement of technology has created various devices until it is only as big as the grip of a hand. No wonder, if there are some experts mentioned that the current world has been able to be within our grasp.
 Where we know that in the life of modern society as it is today, the existence of mobile phones become the standard of communication today, especially among young people. This practical object can be found in almost everyone's grasp. Its function is increasingly widespread over time. Not just to communicate, mobile phone is also used as a means of entertainment with applications that are in it. With conditions where technology will continue to grow, hanphone also continues to improve its features. To answer the development of the times, the idea came up to introduce an Enjoy Life project which will help you do things just "one click". And through online technology integrated with mobile devices, making the world in the hands of customers is no longer a dream.
In our daily life of course crypto currency is very useful and useful for us all. In the present case we are discussing now about ENJL or Enjoy Life project is a crypto currency project and fiat money in one wallet at the same time. it's really incredible not your wallet can beguna for various things.

Details of Enjoy Life

 Enjoy Life is a team of 20 enthusiasts and professionals who work together in 2014 to remove barriers between the crypto community and the traditional economy. By 2017, our efforts are realized in the creation of apps for smartphones, combining payment systems, discount programs and trading platforms. Up to date, the Enjoy Life platform operates in 4 countries (Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland). Today, more than 150 business partners have joined us, who have received a system where every user can freely, securely and comfortably receive, store and post crypto and payment payments without any third party conversion services, payment systems, personal and online accounts . store.



  •    Registration is free   
  •   Access to all business partner 
  •   discounts     Simplified payments with QR code   
  •   Multicurrency wallet   
  •   Secure payment and fair exchange guarantee   
  •   Purchase cryptocurrency and exchange it in application    
  •  Additional earnings from purchases of friends you invite    
  •  Internal chats to communicate with your friends


  •    Register and activate your account with a one-time fee of $ 14.99 
  •     Access to Enjoy Life's entire client base   
  •   Combine buyers and sellers in one platform    
  •  Create your own ad campaign and your business map visualized with full description    
  • 10% of the profits from every customer purchase of your business, as well as from your competitor's  clients  
  •  Advertising support on online and offline channels from Enjoy Life  
  •   Additional earnings attract other partners to our platform   
  •   The absence of commissions from user payments   
  •   Ensure payment security and preservation of personal information  
  •   No need new equipment and merchant creations
 All operations are performed through a synchronized distributed server system. The user's personal data and trustworthy transactions are protected from intruders with csrf_token, oauth 2.0, asynchronous encryption, as well as encryption using the Diffie-Hellman method.
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Token Info

 Enjoy Life will perform 5 rounds of token emissions, which will directly depend on the platform's capitalization. Limited token - 50 million pcs. with an almost unlimited number of platform users.

Enjoy Life limits its own token tokens to ensure cost growth (capitalization) of investments, regardless of investment. All investors who purchase from 500,000 tokens during ICO have an exclusive opportunity to choose any country. Selected countries will be assigned to investors for one year. This means that 70% of all commission payments collected will be paid to investors every 3 months as royalties within 12 months from the time of grant of franchise rights by transferring to the ETH investor wallet. If within 12 months the number of active users in the region remains more than 0.03% of the official number of citizens, the franchise will be extended for another 12 months and will be renewed in the future, with an annual growth of 30% to 10%. After that, the franchise remains unlimited.


Great Team

initiator,supervisors and manager of the project


 Develovement,Strategy and Marketing

Technical and Realization

Legal Support- the company "Center of Legal Consulting"

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