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Earth Token -Solutions to preserve nature

    Nowadays environmental issues are quite often discussed, campaigns on environmental issues are also being enforced and become a trend among the world community. Global environmental issues have begun to emerge in the last few decades. Human awareness of the environment that has been damaged to make this environmental issue sticking out. The most important issue in the environment is about global warming. Planting For Life is a community that is concerned about environmental issuesSeeing this condition in the world Cryptocurrency also does not want to be left behind to participate in environmental conservation activities, because activities about this environment should be done more often because it is good to awaken the public about the importance of environmental conservation.Responding to this environmental issue, there was an idea and idea to create a project that correlates with the environment, the project is called Earth Token. Let's take a look at this Earth Token project further

What is Earth Token

Earth Token is a well-structured idea and concept that is implemented on a platfrom, where Earth Token strives to contribute to the conservation of the environment and also wants to create a global Marketplace of nature that can be enjoyed by all people in the world and also want preserving nature in the world and has a goal to increase the level of value or asset prices in the market at the time of growth and development.

The objectives of the Earth Token project are:

Combine the power of Blockchain and crypto currencies, create environmental sustainability and set up the Global Nature Asset Marketplace that removes barriers to participating in activities that conserve the Environment

 Currently undergoing changes in providing services to natural improvements around the world, this change is thanks to the ImpactChoice Platfrom Blockhain Natural Exchange and Earth Token. It is proving that Earth Token's expertise in creating environmental sustainability solutions combined with blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, the project seems to have a great future.

With this excellent Concept and structure it is proven that the Earth Token will continue to grow in the present and future, as well as the support of skilled and professional teams so that the Earth Token continues to grow

Distribution Token Earth Token
This token will later be known as Earth Token (ETN). The ICO Earth Token Presale will commence on 23 October 2017 and the implementation of ICO takes place on 30 October 2017.



    1. Name : Earth Token
    2. Ticker Symbol : EARTH
    3. Token Type : Ethereum ERC20
    4. Pre-Sale : 17 Nov 2017 12:00 GMT
    5. Token Sale : 15 Dec 2017 12:00 GMT
    6. Duration : 90 Days


    1. Pre-Sale 5,200 EARTH (30% Bonus)
    2. 0.04 BTC / 1 ETH
    3. 15 December 2017 - 15 January 2018 4,800 EARTH (20% Bonus)
    4. 0.04 BTC / 1 ETH
    5. 15 January 2018 - 15 February 2018 4,400 EARTH (10% Bonus)
    6. 0.04 BTC / 1 ETH
    7. 15 February 2018 - 15 March 2018 4,000 EARTH
    8. 0.04 BTC / 1 ETH

Introducing Team Earth Token
Earth Token comes with the efforts of a team that has the same goals and has a concern for the Environment. These are the people behind this Earth Token project:


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