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ArcBlock-a new innovation aplikasi blockchain terdesentralisasi

Information and communication technology is currently very rapid development including the Internet. With the Internet all things can be done whether it is searching for data, storing data in the server, or sending data to the world without any obstacles at all. Currently a variety of applications that can be accessed with the internet Whether it's social media, applications for companies, businesses, and others.

And even in the next few years is expected to increase the growth of the global population, the massive adoption of digital lifestyles, and the ever-growing recording and storing of information drives the huge growth of data volumes and internet traffic, now industry and users will start doing conversations about changes in aspects especially in investment and communications. is expected to continue to reach a rapid growth of $ 8 billion in 2016 to more than $ 47 billion by 2020. is now in your life an exciting program for the better future of digital currency with Blockchain and token technology provides breakthroughs in network design and decentralized systems, serving and strengthening the growth of democratization of knowledge, and access to digital resources of the world.blockchain technology can push your life for the better and wider now there has been a promising project to guarantee your future becomes brighter ie ArcBlock
ecosystem for development 

OK  let's explain more about this great project

What is ArcBlock

ArcBlock is a platform and ecosystem for building and implementing decentralized blockchain applications. The platform goes beyond providing the basic components needed to use blockchain to strengthen complex business rules. It connects existing systems with blockchain networks, enabling you to automate business processes using data and identities associated with existing systems.
 The purpose of the ArcBlock project
ArcBlock's main goal is to remove a barrier that has slowed the adoption of blockchain among the general public. We are also excited to develop a unique approach that will significantly drive the development of blockchain.
Platform ArcBlock
ArcBlock is an incentive-based market for services, components, and even reusable applications. "Miners" on ArcBlock platforms not only bring computing resources, more than that helps build platforms together by providing reusable components, new services, and even ready to deploy applications. People who donate resources or services will be rewarded with tokens to form a growing, positive and self-sustaining platform that continues to grow by itself. ArcBlock platform service is not our own creation. It's developed by the ArcBlock community-we've just started a new blockchain revolution.

The ArcBlock Introduction to Open Chain Access Protocol allows open connectivity through multiple blockchain protocols. Developers now have the freedom to evaluate the blockchain protocol, and even switch back and forth between the two. Open Chain Access Protocol facilitates the implementation of new blockchains as technology develops. This eliminates key platform issues and lets applications run on some types of block fabrics, greatly improving the developer and user experience.

Blocklet is another revolutionary component that utilizes the latest microservice architectures and computational technologies without servers. Blocklet is a high level application protocol that can be implemented with any platform or language. It utilizes the full capacity of the original platform and offers the same level of performance, rather than running on low-performing virtual machines.
Blocklets are nothing more than blockchains access. It connects to existing data sources, and performs on-chain and off-chain computing.
Our unique design aims to provide a high performing, user-friendly, cost-effective, and protocol diagnostic platform. We believe that ArcBlock is a major technological advancement that will deliver 3.0 generation of blockchain applications.


Establishing and implementing a decentralized blockchain application with ArcBlock has significant advantages over the vendor-specific framework available on the market today.

Built for a new token economy
ArcBlock is a self-evolving ecosystem-not just a software platform built by a single centralized organization. We at ArcBlock, Inc. and ArcBlock Foundation just jump start project; platform will continue to grow and develop by itself.
All ArcBlock services are driven by the token economy. Instead of a basic service platform, ArcBlock is an economy driven by incentives that encourage blockchain communities to work together to build better ecosystems.
Optimization of best experience
We build ArcBlock platforms using a "top-down" strategy centered on the user experience. Conversely, many existing solutions focus on blockchain technology itself at the expense of user friendliness. Applications built with ArcBlock offer a reactive, real-time experience. Users can only access it from a web browser (no additional plugins required), or download mobile apps directly from the app store. Both ways, the process is not foreign anymore.
ArcBlock also dramatically enhances the developer experience. No need to deal with the lowlevel blockchain protocol. With our artificial blockchain adapters, engineers do not even need to run local blocking blocks to start developing and testing their applications.
Built for Cloud
ArcBlock is designed to run natively in the cloud. It can also run on one computer for testing and development.
This design principle makes ArcBlock fundamentally different from many other platforms in the blockchain world. In ArcBlock, a node can be a "logical computer" consisting of one or more virtual machines, or a group of cloud services that work together as computing environments. This approach marks a significant step forward that will help improve blockchain and decentralization applications to the next level, including delayed patent technology.
ArcBlock will initially be built on AWS and Windows Azure, then expanded to support Google Compute Engine, China's premier cloud computing player, and other platforms.
Built to an open standard 

ArcBlock is built with open standards. We try our best not to rediscover the wheel and to build the desires and needs of the app developer. In addition to opening up our core component resources, we will also actively contribute to the blockchain technology community.
Our team members are actively involved with standards organizations, nonprofit foundations, and committees. Currently including the Community Group Community Blockchain W3C Group, IEEE Standard Blockchain Community, Ethereal Enterprise Alliance, Linux Foundation, and Hyperledger Foundation. This list will evolve over time.

ArcBlock Token (ABT)

ArcBlock Token (ABT) is the original ArcBlock platform. To achieve high performing transactions, we create an optimal blockchain dedicated to the ArcBlock token service and public ledger. The design goal is to reach> 100,000 Tx / s, which is more than enough for a wide range of applications. In the future this blockchain can be upgraded for a wider purpose.
ABT is designed as a general purpose token that can be used in different scenarios. In ArcBlock, the basic utility value of ABT is to pay the cost of using ArcBlock system. Like cloud computing services, ABT is a utility token to pay fees associated with using this service.
Unlike Ethereum or Bitcoin, where users typically pay a fee for every transaction they make, ArcBlock is designed to allow application providers to pay transaction fees for their end users. This approach greatly improves the user experience. Developers pay monthly, allowing them to add small units and save money. ArcBlock also asks developers to lock a number of ABT tokens as shares when they need mission critical services.
Map token ArcBlock to token ERC20 1: 1. It simplifies the exchange of tokens and allows developers to bind the Ethereum community. App developers can take advantage of existing ecosystems that are on the ERC20 token while also utilizing a high-performing, full-featured token service. Although this mapping is required at this time, we anticipate that it may become obsolete as ABT matures and ArcBlock communities grow.

Details of Token Sales

Tokens Sale Schedule    : 3 February - 10 February 2018Purchase
Token                              : Ethereum
Price Token                    : 1900 ABT / 1 ETH
Bonus                             : -

Total Supply Token      : 186,000,000 ABT

Softcap                          : 12000 ETH
Hardcap                        : 37500 ETH + 6M CMT 


Bounty Distribution

  1. signature campaign and referral program: 23% —46000 STAKES;
  2. Content (blogs and media publications): 16% — 34000 STAKES;
  3. Twitter Bounty: 14% —  28000 STAKES;
  4. Reddit Bounty: 8% — 16000 STAKES;
  5. Translation Bounty: 7% — 14000 STAKES;
  6. Facebook Bounty: 14% — 28000 STAKES;
  7. Instagram Bounty 8%: -- 16000 STAKES;
  8. LinkedIn Bounty 8%: -- 16000 STAKES;
  9. Moderation Bounty 2%: -- 4000 STAKES

 Project Road Map



ROBERT MAO - CEO/Chief Architect
FLAVIEN CHARLON - Chief Scientist
JEAN CHEN - VP of Marketing
JOE WALLIN - Legal Counsel
Advisors & Investors Ding Lei - Founder & CEO Netease (NTES)
Salman Dhanani - Co-Founder & Co-President TeleNav Automotive Business Unit
Justin Tomboulian - VP of LiquidHub, CIO of Microsoft Japan
Mike Cartwright - CTO of DigitalTown, Vice President of Expedia
Lawrence Lerner - Blockchain Realist Digital Strategist
Jiaxi Lin - Founder & CEO Guojin Angel Fund L.P
Huishen Cui - Founder & CEO Roaming Investment
Maggie Wu - CEO & Co-Founder Krypital Group
Violin Wang - COO & Co-Founder of Krypital Group, Advisor of Cybermiles

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