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AMLT-prepaid product token and access rights to the network

    Information and communication technology is currently very rapid development including the Internet. With the Internet all things can be done whether it is searching for data, storing data in the server, or sending data to the world without any obstacles at all. Currently a variety of applications that can be accessed with the internet Whether it's social media, applications for companies, businesses, and others.And even in the next few years is expected to increase the growth of the global population, the massive adoption of digital lifestyles, and the ever-growing recording and storing of information drives the huge growth of data volumes and internet traffic, now industry and users will start doing conversations about changes in aspects especially in investment and communications.is now in your life an exciting program for the better future of digital currency with Blockchain and token technology provides breakthroughs in network designand decentralized system, serve and strengthen the democratization of knowledge growth, and access to the digital resources of the world.AMLT will now answer all questions and make it easy for you.

this AMLT blockchain technology can push your life for the better and wider AMLT project that promises to ensure your future becomes brighter by joining AMLT that can build your new life with security and comfort for your assets
let's peel deeper into what exactly this AMLT is

Comprised of experienced professionals of compliance, AML, virtual currency, blockchain ecosystem and technology, Coinfirm's team gathered in 2015 under a vision to bring new levels of transparency and efficiency that serve the entire blockchain ecosystem, spreading its benefits into the traditional economy. and allows the mass market to use it safely. From that vision, the Global Standard Coinfirm AML / CTF Platform (also called 'Platform') has been built.

Now, Coinfirm takes the next step to implement effective AML / CTF compliance and enable transparency and democratization of the financial system by actively engaging market participants with AMLT.

AMLT used in Coinfirm AML / CTF Platform is a lost puzzle to bring virtual currency into the mainstream in a safe, secure and appropriate manner. It helps exchange, payment processors, financial institutions and all players in the financial system to manage regulatory risks related to blockchain value transfers. This enables network members to provide information, assess other market participants and democratically help determine risks associated with entities and counterparties using virtual currency.
AML / CTF is associated with risk management, not just strict laws, rules and regulations to follow. There is also an internal level of assessment required by the company to develop a correct risk management model. AMLT assists innovative adherence temporarily by involving and providing useful participation for users of virtual currency.
Why Must AMLT? 
Coinfirm AML / CTF The AMLT Platform and Network aims to build a global standard for AML / CTF that enables transparency for cryptococcal and blockchain transactions. 
Every business that participates in the AMLT Network helps expose money from illegal sources, protects the ecosystem from the risks associated with it, and can provide their information to the network to assess others.
We invite you to create a new economy with us:
  1. AMLT is a token for prepaid products and access rights to AML / CTF Coinfirm network that is already vibrant.   
  2. Network members receive AMLTs to provide assessments and information on specific addresses - these are the fuels that make the system democratic and contrary to arbitrary circumstances.
  3. This allows compliance and transparency in all transaction situations, helping the entire ecosystem become safer and connected to the global economy
  4. AMLT is building a secure and democratic network that provides transparency to the world of crypto currency, helping complaints with a number of regulatory requirements.

How Does AMLT Work?

  • AMLT helps market participants access data about risks associated with crypto-related entities - using AMLT to obtain reports and fully benefit from the crypto currency economy      
  • This brings efficiency and effectiveness of AML / CTF compliance and democratization to global market players
  • AMLT users will help define good and bad actors in the market with accuracy beyond the reach of the current financial system - helping the system unfairly exclude individuals in high risk or risky countries because it is based on a global democratic data provider network rather than one or more centers arbitrator
 AMLT provides the highest level of trust and data transparency to the blockchain market 

Benefits available to AMLT users:

  •   Ask AMLT to contribute legitimate data about crypto currency addresses to the network

Details of Token Sales

Token Sales Schedule     : 28 November 2017
Purchase Token              : Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dashcoin
Price Token                    : 1 AMLT = $0,1
Bonus                             : 10% - 30%
Total Supply Token         : 400.000.000 AMLT

Info Team


 Paweł Kuskowski - CEO / Founder
Paweł Aleksander - CIO, Co-founder
Jakub Fijołek - CTO, Co-founder
Grant Blaisdell - CMO, Co-founder
Maciej Ziółkowski - Co-founder
Robert Ciurkot - COO
Krzysztof Król - Product Owner
Marcin Rabenda - Product Owner
Ben Brophy - Delivery Director
Beata Wiśnicka - Senior Analyst
Pylyp Radionov - C++ Developer
Sebastian Gruza - JAVA Developer
Bartosz Zięba - Developer
Magdalena Poprzeczko - Assistant to the Board
Łukasz Kranc - Front-end Developer
Maksymilian Jaworski - DB Administrator
Filip Wieczyński - Business Development


 Ruth Wandhöfer - Regulatory Advisor
Julian Johnson - Strategic Advisor
Paweł Tomczuk - Strategy Advisor
Hazem Danny Al Nakib - Strategy Advisor

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