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REALISTO-Real Estate Investment Based Blockchain

   Maybe you are an entrepreneur or entrepreneur and strive to become better for your ease in ensuring your future life by buying stocks for investment in order to earn profit but over time various developments The company has expanded its business to use Blockchain Technology in the hope that their companies can compete and become better in the future. Usually we often do not find some Blockchain based company present The presence of ICO and Crowdfunding which attract investors worldwide to invest in project development. But not all countries legalize the purchase or use of Crypto in some countries. We can also see and crypto is very popular to use in addition to profitable as well as many projects that kryptya very useful to enjoy this service. therefore you must choose
the right place to invest Maybe you should try to invest in ICO to get crypto. Because by following the ICO many benefits that you will get. which is where all crypto market is pushing for the people's economy and can build trust in the real estate business priority field there is now a quite interesting Project that can be trusted because this project is built based on the trust of Realisto with Blockchain create a sophisticated platform.Realisto build trust between Individuals

Let's be more clear about this great project let's take a closer look at what Realisto really is

What is Realisto

The Realisto platform gives us ordinary users, to invest in real estate. First of all I would like to say that this is not a new platform. The parent company of the project "Realisto" has been operating in the Berlin market since 2011. They are working quite successfully. The meaning of the work is as follows: Realisto looks for real estate that will be very profitable and offers participants their own token holders (REA), to choose what properties to buy. After that, Realisto company is engaged in management, development and operation as planned. It is clear that only from real estate rent, will guarantee the constant growth of tokens (REA) in the price!

 Realisto Aplication

 One feature of investing in real estate is the necessity of having a relatively high start-up capital for making this kind of investment. So if you only have two or three thousand dollars, you can put it in the Bank, buy some stock from the investment fund or to find options to multiply it - however, invest in real estate in a number of these options. most likely will not get.

However, in today's real estate market, there are various mechanisms that make investment in property more affordable for small investors. In particular, the speech may continue on investment in the early stages of building a building. It is clear that the cost of an apartment after the completion of the house, most likely, will increase significantly compared with the amount to be paid the previous investor.
The "Realisto" app will not be a really vulnerable system to anyone. This means that any user who has installed the app on his phone or PC will be able to invest in real estate, anywhere in the world.

 Realisto's goal

We strongly believe in using blockchain technology that will help REALISTO allow real estate experts to be able to present unique projects and offer partially curated investment opportunities.
In REALISTO provides security on high-yield investment projects, because token investment will be governed by the trust escrow supported. REALISTO there is no requirement of size in investing minimum or maximum, investors can choose which projects to follow to participate and how much investment. REALISTO was founded in Berlin by two real estate professionals with hundreds of successful real estate deals in the Berlin market.
Information about ICO
You can now buy tokens with a 30% discount for $ 0.70!
Start ICO = 25/11/2017
End of ICO = 25/12/2017 
  1. week ICO price of one token (REA) = 0.85 $ 
  2. weeks ICO price of one token (REA) = 0.90 $ 
  3. weeks ICO price of one token (REA) = 0.95 $ 
  4. weeks ICO price of one token (REA) = 1.00 $  

ICO detail

REA is a token that will be used in the REALISTO platform. The sale of REA-REALISTO pre-sale will commence on November 7, 2017 and will expire on November 14, 2017. With a 30% discount rate with a minimum of 5 ETH contribution.The ICO REA token will begin on 15 November 2017 and will expire on 15 December 2017. With a 15% discount rate at the start of the commencement of ICO REA and will be downgraded every week by 5% until ICO REA expires on 15 December 2017.

Info Token 

Token Name : REA
Token Type: ERC20, Ethereum Blockchain 
Maximum Supply during ICO: No Hardcap Maxium Supply during Pre-Sale: 2,000,000 REA
Contribute Token  with  : BTC ETH and LTC

Info Team

  • Rouven Rosenbaum Founder, Co-CEO
  • Leonard Zobel Founder, Co-CEO   
  • Pavel Metelitsyn CTO, Software Developer
  • Carlo Wandelt
  • Manfred Loell Real Estate Expert, Marketing
  • Rafael Rosenbaum Real Estate Expert Acquisition & Development
  • Maxim Olschanskj Real Estate Expert Residential
  • Christoph Willumeit Communication 
  • Immanuel Scheerer Platform Development
  • Thomas Hinze Platform Development

More Info

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Link whitepaper :
Telegram :
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