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Lordmancer II - The best mobile MMORPG game ever

Today various platforms have been created that cover various aspects of life in order to facilitate us in living everyday life. This happens because the development of Blockchain Technology is growing rapidly and worldwide and is widely used in projects in the world. Those who use Blockchain technology implement smart contracting systems to simplify and cultivate new innovations for their projects.Blockchain-based projects usually hold Crowdfunding to develop their projects. And there have been many successful projects from the ICO program. Talking about the ICO is now present a new project based Blockchain which creates an inopasi terbau of the development of geme onlen project name is Lordmancer with various kinds of advantages you can enjoy it now

let's join ICO Lordmancerbefore you invest in an ICO event you need to know the project completely and what benefits will be given in giving and how to strategy and Timnya.Mengenai it will paparka about aeron complete and detailed. And hopefully Aeron Could be one of the alternatives of your choice in investing.

To know more clearly with this Lormancer II project mai refer review below

What is Lormancer II

Lordmancer II is an online online multiplayer RPG that can be played online that allows crypto playing in the brain and spends it inside and out of the game. This is a popular game because it can be played freely and multiplayer around the world. That's why you can meet different players real time and they are all true players. It's not just about online interaction with hundreds of players but also about the gaming world.With Lordmancer II, Active Games has developed a different approach. Developers try to serve the players well by expanding it regularly. Do not forget the online trading. By playing Lordmancer II, you can buy and sell items as you wish. This is an open market game where you can also trade with other players. Instead of exploiting the trading of extra-extra resources, Tim Lormancer will also seek to create a safe space for trading, and encourage an in-and extra-game economy using a cryptographic token, named Lord Coin (LC), as a payment-for-player medium -player trading and thus facilitate the sale of unique or rare game content. The LC sign can enter in game economy only after it is purchased on the crypto exchange. They can then be grabbed out of the game and sold. Active Game will provide a safe place where players unfamiliar with the cryptographic market can buy and trade LC for traditional data. 

Lordmancer II bukan merupakan proyek yang baru dibuat pada tahun lalu Lordmancer telah memperoleh berbagai perngahrgaan . Pada bulan Agustus 2016, Lordmaner II dan Active Games terpilih sebagai induktor Tenis Tertinggi 2016, menyediakan permainan dan studio dengan investasi dan dukungan pra-benih melalui program akselerasi pada awal tahun 2017. 

Lordmancer II is a mobile free-to-play massively multiplayer online RPG that allows players to mine cryptocurrency and spend it both inside and outside of the game. The game is already in open beta testing on Android.

Interesting features in the game Lordmancer II

  1. Real-time player-versus-player interaction
  2. Vast, constantly expanding game world
  3. Game economy based on open market and trading between players
  4. Clash of clans for territory, capturing castles and resource mines.

Info ICO

Pre ICO begins on August 21, 2017 and has been sold out within 5 days
334 ETH raised and 2'000'000 LC distributed.

The main ICO round begins on 07 November 2017.
The price of one LC will be set to $ 0.1 - $ 0.125 depending on the date and purchase amount.

Info Token

The total supply of LordCoin (LC) made is 20,000,000 LC. As for the LC Token will be allocated in the following way:
  • 2,000,000 tokens will be distributed among the founders and the development team
  • 2,000,000 tokens will be held by the company to fund the development and expansion of future games
  • 1,000,000 will be used for Active Games Bounty program and program advisors
  • 15,000,000 will be available to ICO investors. All unsold tokens in this category will be burned once ICO is complete.

Distribusi Token

 Lordmancer II RoadMap

Lordmancer II Team

below is the LM team who fought hard for the success of the project they have experienced in the field of marketing
  • Ilya Mikov - CO-founder
  • Anton Telitsyn - CO-founder, CEO
  • Petr Klepcin - Team Lead
  • Andrey Zobov - Lead Designer
  • Alex Onuchin - Game Designer
  • Anton Semakin - Lead 2D Artist
  • Maxim Skrupski - Senior Developer
  • Ildar Fasckhetdinov - Client Side
  • Eugene Kostarev - Server Developer
  • Marsel Atnyashev - Developer

More Info

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