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COVESTING - a platform for investors and kriptocurrency traders

   Maybe you are an entrepreneur or entrepreneur and strive to become better for your ease in ensuring your future life by buying stocks for investment in order to earnprofit but over time various developments The company has expanded its business to use Blockchain Technology in the hope that their companies can compete and become better in the future.Usually we often do not find some Blockchain based company present The presence of ICO and Crowdfunding which attract investors worldwide to invest in project development. But not all countries legalize the purchase or use of Crypto in some countries. We can also see and crypto is very popular to use in addition to profitable as well as many projects that kryptya very useful to enjoy this service. therefore you must choose the right place to invest Maybe you should try to invest in ICO to get crypto. Because by following the ICO many benefits that you will get. in which all crypto markets are pushing for the economy of society and can build trust there is now an interesting Project that can be trusted because this project is built based on the trust of Covesting with Blockchain create a sophisticated platform.Covesting platform for investors and kriptocurrency traders who want to take advantage of the most advanced trading tools and technology.

Let's clarify more deeply about this great project.


COVESTING is a platform for investors and kriptocurrency traders who want to take advantage of the most sophisticated trading tools and technologies, and the combined wisdom of the community to achieve maximum profit in the kriptocurrency market.

In its infancy, COVESTING has undergone rapid changes and conceptual improvements since the first idea of the peer-2-peer digital asset platform was expressed by the founder, a former Saxo Bank merchant, Dmitrij Pruglo. The invention of technology, as well as the opportunity of ambitious scalability has emerged that brings COVESTING to a better level. With its unique platforms that operate with existing traditional investment structures, such as funds, COVESTING will disrupt the investment management industry and become one of the leading players in the cryptography market by introducing the most comprehensive infrastructure for investors and traders that include:

COVESTING P2P Asset Platform
core and core infrastructure COVESTING. It implements a successful P2P business model and disrupts traditional investment management industries. Investors can easily browse through hundreds of trading models (strategies), provided by professional cryptocurrency traders and effectively "follow" them accordingly. All members can get a clear picture of current and past performance of each trade model. By following, the platform does not allocate money to anyone except to apply the person's own decisions whereby the platform automatically mimics all trading activities of the Model selected directly to the investor account in COVESTING, providing a unique P2P experience together with the security of funds

Detailed Explanation 

Supported by a strong team of industry professionals, COVESTING is on a clear path to be the best solution for investors and kriptocurrency traders. This will cover all aspects related to cryptocurrency trading, from education, market image and trade ideas to the unique concept of p2p asset trading, liquidity aggregation and ultimately the most advanced trading station ever. 

Benefits of COVESTING
  • Investors make the same profits as professional crypto merchants, in the comfort of their accounts.
  • Merchants are rewarded with an 18% cost of success by allowing others to copy their trades  

Info Coin 
Starting Date November 24, 2017, 13:00 GMT
End Date December 24, 2017, 13:00 GMT
Name Token : COV
Minimum Contribution : 0.1 ETH
COV is ERC-20 token.
The price of COV Tokens varies based on the amount collected
Total limit COV Token : 20,000,000 COV
Issuance of Next Token There is no evidence issued after the ICO
Hard Cup : 25.000 ETH 

Fund Distribution


Info Token Sale

TOTAL COV SOLD VOC 1 level ETH / discount
  • [stage 1] 0 - 1M COV                       : 1 ETH VOC = 800 / -35%
  • [stage 2] 1M - 1.9M COV                 : 1 ETH VOC = 720 / -28%
  • [Stage 3] 1.9M - 3.6M COV             : 1 ETH VOC = 680 / -23%
  • [Stage 4] 3.6M - 6.8 million COV    : 1 ETH VOC = 640 / -19%
  • [stage 5] 6.8 million - 9.8m COV     : 1 ETH VOC = 600 / -13%
  • [stage 6] 9.8m - 15M COV ETH      : 1 = 520 COV
  • Total 15,000,000 COV 

Bounty Distribution

  1. Telegram campaign – 5%
  2. Facebook campaign – 10%
  3. Twitter campaign – 10%
  4. Signature and avatar campaign – 10%
  5. “Crypto Trading Talents” campaign – 10%
  6. BitcoinTalk Community management – 15%
  7. Translations campaign – 20%
  8. Blogs and media campaign – 20% 



COVESTING is led by a team of world-class experts with trading backgrounds, investment banking, blockchain, AI, data, and fintech (Saxo Bank, SEB Bank, JP Morgan, Zurich Insurance and others) with accumulated trading experience over 60 years.

They are the ones who are fighting for this COVESTING project and they are a very experienced Team in the field

  • Dmitrij Pruglo CEO & Founder
  • Tim Voronin COO & Co-Founder
  • Dinis Guarda Co-Founder
  • Kurt Carlsson
  • Peter Kristensen
  • Paul Hinrichsen
  • Ivan Klykov
  • Sergey Sevantsyan
  • Andrey Nenadov
  • Alex Strakh
  • Konstantin Zherebtsov
  • Max Sayganov


  • Philipp Kallerhoff
  • Alexander Perkins
  • Aleš Tomažin, Phd
  • Prof. Simon Choi
  • Mounir Fallah
  • Mike Bishop, JD

 More Info

ANN  :  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2216847.0

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